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Due to changing policies within Apple & Google we require that all apps go through a brief review process before submitting to the respective stores.

App submission happens in 3 stages.

  1. Provide Data & Graphics
  2. Request an app Review
  3. Invite 3D Issue to your Developer accounts.

The submission screen is broken into 4 Sections, each one should be completed before requesting an App Review & Submission. Its accessible from the apps dashboard by clicking the Submit app button next to your app.

Provide Data & Graphics

General Information

The general information tab allows you to provide the General App Store listing information needed for submission. Learn more here.


The graphics tab allows you to provide the App Icons, launcher images  and screenshots for your app & it’s submission. Learn more here.


The binary tab allows you to provide information about how your app should be built and packaged on the App Store & Google play. This tab can be safely ignored and left to our team to complete. However if you intend on replacing an existing app you should complete this section. Learn more about binary requirements here.


The notifications section allows you to provide the Firebase configuration files needed to support Push notifications in your app. This is required for submission and you can learn more about the requirements and obtaining them here.

Request an App Review

Once you have completed all the requirements (or most of them) you can request that your app be Reviewed and submitted to Apple and Google. You can let us know using the “Contact Support” buttons in the bar on the right or link in this page header.

3D Issue will perform a review of your App and will rate its chance of a successful App review on Apple and Google. We’ll inform you of the results and if successful we can then proceed to the full submission of your Apps and getting them live for your users to use.

Invite 3D Issue to your Developer accounts.

After we review your app we’ll send you a unique email address that you will need to invite to access your Apple and Google developer accounts. This allows us to generate all the other files and options needed to get your apps live and manage the submission process for you.

For Apple you just invite us with the appropriate role and the Google console requires two steps.

App Store Connect

After logging in, go to Users & Roles.

Click the + icon near the top left and fill in the details. Similar to the below screenshot. Please ensure to enter the email address we provided.

Under Roles, Select App Manager

Under Apps, you may leave it set to All Apps, or if you would prefer you can select a pre-existing app to limit our access to your account.

Under Developer resources check the box next to Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles

Why do we need these permissions?

Apps must be built and signed using resources created by the Apple Developer account that is submitting them.
Because of this we need access to generate Signing certificates, profiles and Ids for your app Submission & subsequent updates to your app.
It is possible for you to generate and send us the needed resources, however we can only provide minimal instructions for what we need and the process of generating them. This is due to the ever-changing nature of the App Store process.

Click Invite.

Google Play console

Go to Settings > Users & Permissions. Invite us with access to Create and Manage apps.

Once we’ve accepted your invite you may need to confirm our access to your account. We’ll notify you if that is the case.

Firebase Console

Invite us to your Firebase project. (Learn about Creating one here). You can invite us via the Settings Wheel next to your project name, then Users & Permissions.


Updated on February 20, 2019

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