Flipbooks in HTML5 are Cutting Edge and Surprisingly Easy to Create

Flipbooks-in-HTML5Flipbooks in HTML5 are stunning. Impress your audience today by simply creating your own.

HTML5 animation used imaginatively throughout a flipbook can enhance a publication significantly. It can heighten engagement, improve time spent on pages, add to design features and increase the overall look and feel of the message being portrayed.

At 3D Issue we strive to ensure our software meets all device specifications, with audiences viewing publications from desktops to eReaders and from iPads to android smartphones. With our recent Summer release of Version 7 of our software and yesterday’s update to 7.1 our customers know that we develop features that are pioneering in today’s digital world. Keeping one step ahead of technology is something we endeavor to do.


Flipbooks in HTML5, see some examples here:

Our first example is from Driessen HRM; their design has been enhanced further with their adding of HTML5 interactive features. Please click on the image below to launch the flipbook. Then you will be able to see the animation they have used throughout. It is well considered and adds value to the publication.


Our second example comes from Fenestra Build, their flipbook provides fenestration news for the building sector. They have already produced their January 2015 edition. Please click on the image below to launch the flipbook.


Once open you can see the animation in working order throughout the ezine. They have used the HTML5 animation feature to highlight areas in which they would like the reader to click. They have added moving hotspots, arrows, text and images to draw attention to certain areas. Their use of animation enhances the front cover, inside pages, articles and adverts throughout the flipbook.

Watch and Learn how to add HTML5 animation to your flipbook in this informative HTML5 pop-up tutorial video.

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I hope today’s blog has enlightened you to the effect adding HTML5 can have on your flipbooks.

If you have any questions or would like some more information simply contact info@3dissue.com.

By Audrey Henry