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Build Flipbooks with 3D Issue Flipbooks desktop and Flipbooks Online. Find the differences here.

Available for both PC and Mac
Available for both PC and Mac
Upgrade protection
Branding & design
Statistics tracking
Team management
PDF authoring tools
HTML5 publications
Mobile centric editions
Offline editions
Unlimited pages
Automatic link detection
Navigation tools
Table of contents
Multiple view modes
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Live editing
iOS and Android app
Search feature
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Read right-to-left
Account manager
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Auto-create and publish

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The benefits of each solution

There are a few individual characteristics that differentiate our online platform from our desktop software, we have included the benefits of all the options below. Please contact us if you have any questions at

Flipbooks Online is a web-based service that allows you to publish digital publications instantly, host them on our cloud servers and gather analytics on your audience’s usage of them. You can work with Flipbooks Online from anywhere and share your digital publications in a matter of seconds.

Instant publishing – One of the main benefits that comes with our online platform is the ability to upload and publish your documents in a fraction of the time that it takes the desktop software.

Cloud hosting – Simply upload your PDF and Flipbooks Online will take care of the publishing process for you instantly, you can even mask the URL to make it appear as if the digital publications are hosted on your own domain.

Upgrades – We have an innovation team here at 3D Issue who are constantly working on new features and improvements. You will receive all the latest upgrades right away with Flipbooks Online.

Manage teams & clients – Provide team members or clients with access to Flipbooks Online through the integrated admin system, assign brands to them and allocate permissions.

Flipbooks Desktop is a desktop software for Windows and Mac that we have been developing and improving since 2006. You can upload as many of your digital publications as you want to your own server through our desktop software. While the standard edition does not offer Upgrade Protection and Cloud Services these can be added to your account as optional add-ons.

Self hosting – We have a built-in FTP client that allows you to choose where and how your documents are stored, there are no limitations on the number of self-hosted documents.

PDF authoring tools – Import multiple PDFs, remove bleed, and choose between single-page spreads, double-page spreads, or a mixture of both. Add, remove, and reorder pages.

Auto create and publish – Automate the conversion of your PDFs, drag & drop one or more PDFs into a specified folder to process them automatically with your desired profile settings.

Offline editions – Create offline versions of your digital publications for PC and Mac that can be shared via USB Flash Drives or other file sharing services with our desktop software.

All of our products are designed with our partners in mind. With our tailored Partner version you will be able manage all of your clients publishing needs, mask domains and even white-label our entire online platform and offer it as part of your own services where your clients can login and manage the uploading and publishing of their publications under your branded service.

Our Flipbooks Online platform is also built as an open API making it easy for partners with existing publishing software services to absorb the Flipbooks Online functionality into their existing product workflow.

Contact us today and let us build a package that suits your needs. Call our offices at the number below or email us at

  • US: 718 569 6212
  • UK: 0208 099 9739