Make an Online Custom Magazine Part of Your Marketing

Custom MagazinesThere are not many marketers out there that would consider publishing a digital custom magazine their first choice when it comes to content creation, but there are a few good reasons why you should really start considering this strategy.

1. It’s simple, yet functional

All you need to create a digital magazine is a PDF (it could be the one that you use to create your print magazine if you have one) and a powerful software that lets you create a professional looking digital publication without causing you any headaches: 1. Import your PDF 2.Customize to your liking 3. Publish

This takes the “it’s too hard” argument out of the picture, so you’re left with no excuses.

2. Marketing

Digital magazines differ from a website or a social media page in that they usually don’t stand out. Instead, most of them are just a combination of the most popular marketing strategies on the web.

When you create a custom magazine, you don’t just create a publication. You are building a new platform to promote your brand, a new way to strengthen your image and to share your content.

What’s more, although a well design custom magazine is 100% marketing, as long as you provide good and interesting information your audience won’t see it like that.

Your content should present the added value you’re trying to give to your readers, but think about all the times people abandoned a good thing because the company oversold it. The chances of this happening when using a customized digital magazine are pretty slim.

3. Advertising

You can still include ads on your magazine and contrary to what happens on print publications, your readers could enjoy them, yes I said enjoy. In a digital magazine your ads can be on video format and be instructional, informative, funny and/or creative.

If the ads are compelling, not only will they not be annoyed by the fact that the ads are there, but they will also click on them more often generating more revenue for you.

Apart from that, on Facebook and even sometimes on your own site, you don’t have absolute control over the type of ads that are displayed next to your content. This could lead to your audience being exposed to ads they don’t particularly like. That won’t happen on a digital magazine.

4. Freedom

A digital magazine is easy to update and amend. If you find an error, or if you want to publish new last minute information, you can do it in a few minutes and without any additional costs.

When creating a digital magazine you are your own boss. You can edit and publish the magazine whenever you want to do so, you wouldn’t depend on a third party publisher.

And going back again to the advertising, if any of your advertisers wanted to change their ad copy for some reason, you would just need to click a couple of times, copy/paste the new text and done.

5. Unlimited possibilities

If all what I’ve mentioned above isn’t enough to convince you, this digital magazine features will:

• Easy to setup
• Support of rich media formats
• Highly customizable
• Native from the reader’s point of view
• Have the capability of multiple communication channels at once
• Can be connected with all your other online platforms
Extremely functional

Create your own digital magazine today with the 3D Issue’s fully functional trial and start enjoying the advantages of this incredible marketing platform. For any questions or for more information, email us at