Create an offline edition of your digital content

offline edition3D Issue offers many ways in which your content can be presented from epub or mobi to digital magazine.

There is one format which is asked about time and time again so in this blog post we will take a brief look at the reader option – Download.

What is the download option? In a nutshell the reader download button allows the reader to download a copy of the publication to their desktop.

How do you offer a version of the publication so my reader has the option of downloading?

• Select Download on the Design Tab under the Menu Option;
• In the Output tab ensure that you have checked the off-line version box;
• Select whether your readers should have the option of Digital edition, basic PDF or both
• If the PDF is selected then you’ll need to navigate to your file when prompted
• Note that the PDF you select need not be the same as the one imported originally
• If you have not selected the Download option from step 2 you’ll be alerted to this and offered the opportunity to switch it on – there is no point otherwise!

Can I email the downloaded file? Due to the nature of the publication once downloaded, it takes the form of an .exe file or an executable file; they can therefore be sometimes unfairly recognized by security software as potential viruses so they cannot be e-mailed. (Best send the original link via email so they can download their own)

Are they for eReader devices? These files are from the digital magazine mode of the software so they are not for the eReader devices out there; they are purely desktop bound and allow for colourful page flip publications as opposed to the epub and mobi files.

How can I create ePub and Mobi files? Check out this blog post for more information on this.

Is the PDF file based on the file I imported on the Content tab? No you will need to specify the PDF files for the offline version which you will be prompted to do when you select off-line on the output tab.

Does the offline version open in a browser? No the off-line editions are self-contained files which open even where a web browser is not installed making them particularly suitable for auto-start.

Look out for a future blog post on our off-line version and how to add this to USB or CD.

Image is from the nice folks here.

By 3D Issue