Why it is Important to Track Magazine Analytics

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tracking magazine analyticsAlthough you may think that money is what rules the world, the truth is that is the data what makes the world go round. After all, data is a huge part of the whole money making process.

Take a look at the big short “The Big Short”. In the film you can see how Michael Burry, ...

Create an Interactive Digital Magazine with Rich Media

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Create interactive digital magazineAlthough rich media isn’t the only thing that makes your digital magazine stand out, it’s certainly a big part of the equation.

Creating this type of content as a part of your digital magazine may not be easy or simple, to help you get better results and make the process easier, here are a ...

5 Ways to increase Digital Magazine Subscriptions

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digital magazine subscriptionsEvery marketing team that produces a digital edition is always looking to get new subscribers. It’s one thing creating and building an amazing digital edition, but it’s another set of activities driving, reaching and signing up new readers. Here are some easy ways of increasing digital magazine subscriptions.

New and interesting content encouraging shares
People love ...

Types of Advertising to consider in Magazine Ads & Newspaper Advertising

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types-of-advertising-magazine-newspaperAs the likes of magazines and newsletters move into the digital era, it leaves advertisers in the dark. They constantly wonder how they too can move to the digital era, many questions arise concerning this. How will they advertise within an online magazine or newsletter? What type of advertisements will be effective for your magazine or newsletter? Today’s blog aims ...

Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?

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Creating-a-Digital-Magazine‘Creating a Digital Magazine for the First Time?’ this term produces 253,000,000 results, for a newbie this can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin is daunting enough never mind being faced with thousands of possible solutions and information, fishing through search can be tedious as not all the information you may come across will be relevant. Today our aim is ...

Where to Host Your Digital Magazines?

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hosting-digital-magazinesAt 3D Issue we have had 250,000 plus installations of our software worldwide and as our customers create a lot of digital magazines we frequently get asked about hosting services.

As the 3D Issue software is a solution rather than a service our customers create and then host their own digital magazines.

The size of your digital publication will depend ...

A Tutorial in Digital Publishing with HTML5

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Digital-Publishing-with-HTML5In this blog we will address the key features of HTML5, its differences from HTML4 and why it is important in the modern, current-day publishing world.

Let’s start today’s blog with a question that many of you might not know the answer to;

What is HTML5 and why is it important?

HTML5 is a markup language for presenting content on the ...

How to Embed YouTube Videos in Your Digital Magazine

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embed-video-digital-magazine3D Issue has a number of features which, when used correctly, can provide quite substantial time saving in your digital publication creation, and also for Search Engine Optimization. 3D Issue online magazine software has interactive features which allow the publisher to add in various rich media elements.

One of the most interesting of these elements is the ability to add a ...

Magazine Creation, Design & Distribution

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magazine-creationToday’s blog will deliver points to consider for digital magazine creation, design and distribution using 3D Issue digital publishing software.

We are all familiar with the traditional printed magazines that you find in your local supermarket, or newsagents; glossy, vibrant with lots of pages. These publications face huge competition and launching a new magazine can be a gamble. A good ...

Create Digital Newsletters for Marketing Purposes

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create-digital-newsletters-for-marketingOur marketing efforts inevitably should enable us to attract more clients.

In today’s blog, I will share valuable information of interest to business owners on creating newsletters and what is trending in the online world right now…

The daily routine of an online entrepreneur can vary extensively from one day to the next. It can be busy, exciting, and challenging all at ...

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