Bundles of branding benefits in latest version of Experios

Are you looking for super-flexible and easy-to-use templates to create your responsive content? Welcome to the latest release of Experios, 3D Issue’s digital storytelling platform.

Says CEO and founder, Paul McNulty, “A gripe that kept coming up, when talking to our beta-testers, was that the blocks within Experios’ page templates couldn’t be edited. All skinned templates have now been replaced with skinless ones giving content creators improved flexibility and greater design freedom.”  

We’ll be introducing a permissions control/workflow system soon, too, that will allow designers to lock-in branded templates for their publications. Publication editors will be able to update the content – text and images, for example – but not be able to alter the publication’s branded look. This will help ensure that audiences have content experiences that are consistently on-brand. 

The Experios platform offers content creators a fresh approach to digital storytelling making it easy to create visually striking content that works across all devices.  

The creation of publications that auto-reshape – whether for desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile – has been technically tricky, historically. Not so with Experios. The platform is perfect for content-makers who have a deep understanding of brand, an eye for what looks good, and the desire to respond rapidly to shifting audience needs. (But who don’t want to start learning code – or having to budget for it!) 

Key features: 

  1. There are tons of pre-built templates and a simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor. 
  2. The platform makes it simple to save and apply branding. 
  3. There’s collaborative functionality but scope for admin control, too.  
  4. You can be up and running within days.