5 Ways to Keep your readers engaged

How to keep your readers engaged: 5 Key tips to increase engagement in your responsive content

In today’s world, readers, viewers, the online audience are searching for more than words, they want an experience. They want content fast, on demand, exactly when they need it, and they don’t want to work for it. For content creators, that can be demanding, and resource exhausting! But in order to attract readers, and keep them engaged, content creators need to meet these demands. A great way to do this is by providing engaging and interactive content with Content Experiences. 

Content Experiences are the overall process of how users actually interact with and engage with your content. They focus on how content is accessed and consumed across many platforms and channels. In the world of digital publications, content experiences are typically stand alone pieces of content that truly engage the reader, which is the transformation of a PDF, magazine, online publication etc. into an engaging digital experience. 

A content experience is much more valuable to your audience as it will grab your reader’s attention, give your readers a better user experience, and keeps them engaged. Adding engaging content typically requires active participation, and moves readers from reading to listening to watching and back to reading. This keeps the reader motivated to continue reading, and moving down your customer journey. 

When you use a content experience platform, like Experios, there are various ways to increase the engagement with your audience by adding mini experiences to your content from videos and animations, links and buttons, forms or polls, and having analytics of a document on the back end to truly measure engagement. Utilizing these 5 features in your responsive content experiences will help attract your readers, interact with them and keep them engaged. 


Adding videos to your content is a great way to keep your audience engaged, videos that autoplay will give your readers an immersive experience and continuous engagement. Videos can be embedded from external sources like YouTube or Vimeo, or can be directly placed into your content with an MP4 file. To get the most out of your video, ensure all voiceover is captioned to make it accessible and improve SEO, and ensure your video can be fully understood with or without sound. 


Adding links or buttons is a great way to utilize calls to action. An effective CTA can direct readers to buy your product, enroll in a program, book time with your sales team, or engage in any other action that advances your objectives. It gives readers an option to receive more information, and is also an effective way of giving you more information. Your CTA should be strong and direct, and clear on what you want the reader to do. Being direct will have better results!

A content experience platform like Experios allows you to add many functions to your CTA to get the most out of your digital publications. 

Forms or polls: 

Really want to interact with your reader? Add a poll! Polls can be vital to allowing you to receive information that you would normally have to spend a long time extracting from data, or through customer outreach. Adding a poll to your content allows you to get a sense of what the reader is experiencing while in your content. 

Forms are a great way to solicit information, have your readers sign up for a webinar, schedule a demo or leave their information for a sales call. It is a softer approach to asking for a sale and as it is directly in your content, is not impeding the reader’s journey. 


Animations like video, are a powerful tool for engaging readers. They can make the loading experience more entertaining, can help direct a reader’s eye to important elements on the page and improve usability. A simple animation can go a long way and also add character and tone to your content that a reader might not be able to understand through words alone. 


As you add these engaging elements to your publication, it is vital to understand if they are valuable to a reader. A content experience platform like Experios allows you to measure and track their success. When compared to a standard PDF, in which the content owner will get no insight into what their reader is doing after the download or visit – a content experience platform allows you to track performance.  It is vital that today the creator can continue to optimize their content based on their audiences behaviors and interaction with their content. That is why having analytics on your content is one of the best ways to increase engagement, as you can optimize your content based on the data! 

Moving to responsive content experiences can seem daunting at first, it is a whole new world compared to static design, but using a content experience platform like Experios can really make this process simple. You can simply drag and drop your content, and measure the success. Your readers will be truly immersed in engaging content and you will get live insights into how they interact, which will help you optimize your content. 

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