5 Content Distribution Channels to increase your readership

Calendar cartoon with two people planning contentWhether you’re a blogger, business owner, or marketer, getting your content seen by the right audience is crucial. You spend time and resources on strategy, planning content, designing it and producing it, so you want to make sure that it is seen by those who it is intended for, and ultimately you want to make sure it is valuable and consumed. So to make sure it is read by your target audience, you should plan your content around your distribution channels ahead of time, depending on where and how your audience prefers to consume content.  Here are five effective distribution channels to help you effectively have your content delivered and read.


Videos have become part of our everyday lives. A 30 second video can deliver more information to your audience as opposed to an article.  When trying to reach a large audience, video is the first choice as it can capture their attention and keep them engaged. Videos are easily shared and have the potential of going viral. Video allows your audience to witness your product for themselves before they make an online purchase, and interactive video allows the audience to feel a connection to you and the content within the video. This creates great credibility and trust. Including video on your website or landing page can increase conversions as much as 80%. Make sure to keep your video short, engaging and use the first 6 seconds to capture attention and set the tone for the video. 

Social Media 

Social media is one the most powerful tools for distributing your content. Social media allows thousands of people all over the world to gather online and share their thoughts and interests. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great examples of a platform to distribute your content. 

Social media also allows you to create real human connections. This is a great way to allow both your friends and connections to be introduced to the people who make up your company. Creating great content both for social media or distributing blog or website content on social media will increase the reach of your content, and can help increase the traffic to your site. Making new connections allows a low-commitment way for potential customers to engage interest in your product. 


Distributing your content on a blog is a great way to build a library of content that you can index, tag, share links to and add back and forward links. You can share other content within your blog like social media posts, images or videos from other channels and links to downloadable content. You can also share blog content across the other channels discussed here which increases your chances of engagement. Website and blog content helps Google know you have a heartbeat online, which improves your SEO and search engine ranking which let’s others find you organically. 

Email Newsletters

Your email list is a valuable asset when it comes to distributing your content. Consider sending out a newsletter or email blast to your subscribers with links to your latest articles or blog posts. With newsletters you can link blog posts, images, videos, animations and personalization tokens to add engagement and interactivity with your content. 

Email newsletters allow you to reach a targeted audience of people which have opted in to receive updates from you. These people are interested in the content you are providing which means they are likely to engage. It is a convenient way for your audience to receive updates about new content, or pieces relevant to them. And it allows you to track the success of your content looking at open rates and click rates, which allows you to make adjustments and optimize as needed. 


Visual content is one of the best ways to get a message across, adding data to an infographic increases the chances of the data being read and understood versus text alone. An infographic combines images with data for the best results. You can share infographics on your website, by email, social media or within an article. If you have data or information you think your audience would find valuable, consider putting it in an infographic to help readers understand and remember and visualize the information. 

Key Takeaways

There are many ways to distribute your content, and one distribution channel is not going to be enough.  You should be aiming to reach your target audience in as many channels as you can, the more they see your content and find value in it, the more likely they are to engage and continue to visit time and again. The important thing is making sure you understand where your audience is, and how they want to digest content, and make sure you are present with valuable information in these areas. 

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