3 Top Tips to get more Digital Magazine Subscriptions

increase digital magazine subscriptions1. Statistics

When looking at increasing your digital magazine subscriptions, take a look at your existing subscribers. How did they find you initially?

There are a few different things that you can do to find this out.

Your web stats on sites such as Google analytics show the keywords or keyphrases users searched for when they found your publication.

Google Analytics also shows you which sites or social media platforms are driving more traffic to your site and if your digital magazine publishing software allows the integration with this powerful platform you could even determine which are the pages of your magazine that are gathering most of the attention, which are the links that are getting more clicks or the videos that have more views etc.

And if that’s still not enough, you could always put a survey in place and ask your customers how they got to know you and what do they like the most about your publication.

Having all this data enables you to adjust your approach accordingly. Once you pinpoint where the success is coming from you can proceed to use this new information to tailor your publication to attract more digital magazine subscriptions.

If you want more information on how to use these valuable tools you may want to read “How to Analyze your Digital Magazine Reader Statistics“.

2. The creation of original, interesting and valuable content

Content is the one thing that every consumer searches for, it is what drives the internet, what keeps it going.

By regularly creating raw, relevant quality content you are making you and your site boundlessly more discoverable.

When the content you publish is of interest to your targeted audience and it’s made available on a regular basis, your brand awareness increases.

The chances of someone subscribing to your magazine will increase if they already like the content you publish.

So everything comes down to:

1. You need to offer high quality content that is not available anywhere
2. You need to make it easy for your current subscribers and customers to share it and promote it

3.Convert your traffic into email subscribers

Whenever a user lands on your site prompt them to sign up for your email newsletter.

Be careful with this approach though, don’t prompt them to sign up immediately, give them a few minutes, enough time for them to show that they are interested in your content.

Consider even prompting the form after certain amount of time has passed and when it looks like they are going to abandon the page. You don’t want to annoy them while they are reading your article.

Once they become subscribers to your newsletter, you can seduce them with a range of offers/rewards and maybe even a free sample of your own publication. All of this should be exclusive to your newsletter subscribers.

This is a great way to give your target audience a taste of your publication (should you give a free sample as a reward), keep your brand in their minds and to compile a list of people that have already shown interest in your product and that you can now try to engage and interact with.

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