4 quick ways to promote your online e-magazine content offline

promote magazine offlineSo you have created and published your digital e-magazines, you have spread the word via your website, social media accounts and your email marketing subscriber lists. Now your online promotional tools have been used, what are you doing to promote offline?

Check out these tips..

1. QR Codes
QR codes can be implemented to direct your audience to your online edition, the article can be read here. QR codes are a fantastic way of linking offline readers to your online version. When you generate a QR code you specify a url which the person scanning the code should be directed to, as the magazine has a url you can simply generate the QR code to direct people to the digital magazine. Perhaps the code be on the print version of the publication, marketing material and other printed publications.

2. Your team
Your sales team are out and about visiting clients and prospects. Ensure that your staff have the tools and knowledge to promote your online content, give them details of where it is and how to access it. The team can then spread the word at client visits.

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3. Printed marketing material
Add the details of your online magazines to printed marketing material such as business cards and letterheads, this way these people can then learn about how to access the online magazine content.

4. Exhibitions and Seminars
When your business attends shows and seminars, ensure that the online content is promoted at the stand or in the seminar literature. A number of customers also create an offline version of their digital magazines which they can hand out on USB drives