The Beauty of Flipbooks

In our lives – personal and professional – we expect convenience and immediacy. We want stuff done. Yesterday. And perfectly. Because our output is more public than ever. And the bar is high.

At work, we’re expected to wear many hats. And yet constant juggling can lead to role conflict, time pressure and – ultimately – stress.
Great news, though. Because if marketing comms is part of your role, 3D Issue’s tried and trusted tech can help.
Whether you’re tasked with creating a book or a brochure, a technical manual or an annual report, make friends with our Flipbooks.


Get the job done not just delegated to the design team. Quickly create high impact, on-brand comms that convey:

  • Freshness
  • Modernity
  • Professionalism

Flipbooks are a great way to share lots of content:

  • Scannable so readers can get quickly up-to-speed
  • Key points can be highlighted with typography and infographics
  • Interactive elements make the long-read more enjoyable & memorable

People process info in different ways but whether your audience is…

  • Auditory and hear to learn
  • Visual and see to learn
  • Kinesthetic and move to learn

… the interactivity of Flipbooks is a great way to engage them. Audio, video and graphic elements are simple to add.
And there’s more!
SEO: Made with HTML5, Flipbooks can be easily crawled by search engines.
Analytics: Will help you get a better understanding of your customers and their preferences.
Income: Link to your shop or sell ad space, there are loads of revenue opportunities.
Savings: On the cost of print and distribution with a significant environmental benefit, too.
Shareable: Create something useful for your primary audience and its shareability will expand your reach.