Product News from 3D Issue: The Launch of Flipbooks Partner

Created to help marketing agencies and other businesses grow, the team at 3D Issue is delighted to announce the launch of Flipbooks Partner. 

Flipbooks Partner, which includes API and white labelling solutions, lets businesses add a market-leading digital publishing solution to their own branded service offering. 

3D Issue’s world-class software converts static PDFs into interactive digital Flipbooks in seconds, with no coding required. And now, API and white label versions of our Flipbooks software are being offered to partner clients. 

3D Issue’s Flipbooks have many different layout options and are fully interactive with features such as videos, image galleries and much more. 

Reporting options capture key data about audience engagement and interactions giving insights with which to tailor content so that it achieves business goals.

What is an API? 

APIs (Application Program Interfaces) are popular tools that are used across all industries. 

An API is a tool that allows one program to communicate with another program.  

In the case of Flipbooks, for example, the API would allow one of our partners’ programs or platforms to send commands to our online Flipbooks service to create a digital magazine.

What are the benefits of using an API?

If your company creates large volumes of PDFs for customers, using our API could be a fantastic way to automate workflow, automatically converting those PDFs into live, interactive digital magazines.

What is white labelling?

With white labelling, you can brand the vendor’s software – a digital publishing platform, in our case – and position it as your own while the platform remains hosted on the vendor’s servers. 

What are the benefits of white labelling? 

White labelling can be a good option if your clients are likely to need an editing function to add interactive elements to their Flipbooks. Take a look at our guide How to create your own digital publishing platform – for more details. 

4 reasons to partner with 3D Issue 

  1. Expand your services: Our solutions enable you to quickly expand your current offering and gain a competitive edge. 
  2. Create a recurring revenue stream by opting for a monthly-fee subscription model for your clients. 
  3. Provide a world-class digital solution, using 3D Issue’s long-established Flipbooks software and the support of our expert team. 
  4. Peace of mind: Globally, over 10,000 businesses have used our software giving you the reassurance of adding a service with a proven track record. 

Flipbooks Partner solutions enable you to help your clients increase their reach –  building their brands by distributing, measuring and profiting from their digital content – while generating new revenue and a new service offering for your business. 

Great news, all round!

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