PDF to Digital Magazine for iPads, iPhone and Android devices

pdf-to-digital-magazine-for-ipads-iphone-and-android-devicesOne of the greatest advantages of digital publishing is the possibility to reach a wide audience in different platforms.

If you are considering which platforms will work best for you and the implications involved in creating noteworthy editions for your readers in your chosen platform then we have some great news for you!

You can actually create digital magazines for your readers in the different platforms with only a PDF of your publication.

Thus, with the 3D Issue software; you can create editions not only for desktop and laptops but also for mobile devices and tablets. As a result, you can make the most of your digital edition; make it accessible for your readers in any device.

According to this article, the iPad and iPhone platforms have a high potential for profitability because of their popularity. If you are smart you will publish to all devices and not leave large audiences without access to your magazine because they may be an android or an iOS user. One size fits all with 3D Issue. Once you click build with our software the link created can open on any device, this is a feature our customers love as they can feel confident their readers are all getting a superb reading experience and that their magazine is being showcased to the maximum of its potential.


3D provides you with the possibility not only to reach your audience in this platform, but also to provide practicality to your readers through apps; in a recent blog we have discussed how this growing new trend is changing the way we read.

Creating magazine apps for your readers can be a simple task, following a straightforward procedure. Simply import your PDF in the 3D Issue software and add all the interactivity features needed to create the publication you have in mind and finally in the output tab, select the app option/s you want to create: Desktop Reader App, iPhone/iPad App/Android App/Facebook App. For a step by step guide on creating apps, check out our video tutorial section.

You can also take the app a step further and create your own app, with your magazines, all your online content; trending news, rss feeds, etc. This app is easy to create and brand to your liking, you don’t need any code you simply work in our user-friendly dashboard where you can decide on the look and feel of the app you are creating and you can constantly check the progress you are making through the preview tab. See our app tutorial guide to help you along each step of the way.

By Audrey Henry