Mobile Shaping Content Publishing. Version 9 is here!

mobile-shaping-publishingVersion 9 has arrived! FlipBooks V9 of our digital magazine software is here with improvements guaranteed to enhance the mobile experience! In today’s world, Mobile content publishing is continuously changing and It’s becoming increasingly important to offer users a great experience when accessing content on mobile devices. Mobile devices are your audiences closest associate, it’s where your audiences are spending most of their time online.

How we optimised our software for mobile viewing

One imperfection of the digital magazine market is that all solutions and services create one publication for all desktop, tablet, and mobile audiences. Mobile readers are forced to download large files that are used for the desktop and tablet readers. While mobile resolutions have been greatly improved, the mobile experience is still hampered by the limitations of mobile browsers’ processing, caching and memory allocation. Forcing mobile readers to download the sample’s large files as a desktop reader really depreciates the experience for that mobile audience.

Considering the vast difference in screen sizes between mobile and desktop we knew that we couldn’t offer the same magazine for both audiences and guarantee the same experience. Therefore, we determined that the software should create 2 versions of the same publication. One for readers using large screen and one for mobile readers.

From the reader’s perspective, the outputted magazines would look exactly the same but we would dramatically change how they were rendered on those different devices. In fact, our digital editions render faster on mobile than on desktop!

Why is mobile speed important?

With mobile, pages will usually take even longer to load. In our mobile-centred world, we tend to have high expectations on loading speed. Slow loading can be frustrating and end in bad user experiences. This can cause publishers to lose out on revenue. A digital magazine needs to feature high quality images and easily legible text that renders at high speed.

Check out this sample on your mobile:

Stack Magazine

New Uploader

For Flipbook v9, we moved the conversion and uploading sequence to a background process meaning that once you click ‘build’ that publication is pushed to a separate ‘program’ that deals with the conversion and uploading, allowing you to continue to create and build more publications without any delay.

Shift towards mobile

Digital publishing trends have been continuously changing over the years, but one of the most prolific must be the global shift towards mobile. According to a report by datawrapper (see graph below), the average American spends much longer on the internet compared to the global daily average, with each person spending two hours and 25 minutes on their phones, and 52 minutes at their desktop. By 2018, that gap is predicted to grow to people spending three hours and 20 minutes using the net on their phone, compared to just 40 minutes on the computer.

mobile vs desktop graph

Mobile is having a major impact on the way content is published today. It’s essential for your content to be accessible on mobile platforms. User experience is essential and attention must be paid to optimising text content so that it is easily legible from a mobile or tablet, ensuring images are high quality and that they can be enlarged or zoomed into on demand, your content is easily shared at the touch of a button and the magazine supports all social media/sharing platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

FlipBooks V9 was created with a strong focus on mobile content publishing. Enhancing user experience was key and we had to rethink how we published delivered content for the mobile experience. Version 9 saw the development of a new technology in the form of a tiler output, greatly increasing the speed and loading of your mobile editions. Our new uploader allows you to create and build more publication without delay. With this new version of your digital magazine software, we create two versions of the same publication, one for mobile and one for desktop with changes made as to how they are rendered on those different devices. Don’t worry about the speed, our digital editions actually render faster on mobile than on desktop. Below is a video of V8 (left) and V9 (right) showing the quality of the text on each version. It’s easy to notice how the text on V9 is sharper.

Consumer experience must be at the fore when creating a digital magazine, which is why at 3Dissue we are working tirelessly to offer you the very best digital magazine software.

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