Impactful digital publications, for every device, with 3D Issue’s Flipbooks

Our digital publishing software – for Windows, Mac and Web – lets you convert PDFs into stunning digital publications both quickly and easily.

Whether you’re tasked with creating a book or a brochure, a technical manual or an annual report, with 3D Issue’s Flipbooks software, you can get the job done – and not just delegated to the design team.

With Flipbooks Desktop or Flipbooks Online, the creation of visually impactful communications could not be more simple:

  • Produce on-brand publications with a slick, professional feel.
  • Include multi-media elements to engage your audience and encourage interactivity. Video, for example, can be super-effective. Stats from Hubspot show the decision-making of 90% of customers is informed by video.

Give our success management team a call, to discuss the very many benefits of Flipbooks Desktop and Flipbooks Online for your business:

  • SEO: Made with HTML5, Flipbooks can be easily crawled by search engines.
  • Analytics: Will help you get a better understanding of your customers and their preferences.
  • Income: Link to your shop or sell ad space, there are lots of revenue opportunities.
  • Savings: On the cost of print and distribution with a significant environmental benefit, too.
  • Shareable: Create something useful for your primary audience and its shareability will expand your reach.

3D Issue’s Flipbooks Desktop allows you to host your publications and performs the conversion from PDF onto your own Windows or Mac computer. Flipbooks Online runs in the cloud and publications are hosted by 3D Issue.

Check out the table below to find the best solution for you.