Guess what? Flipbooks V11 is all wrapped-up!

We’re happy to announce the release of Version 11 of our Flipbooks software with tons of updates, new features and enhancements. 

A brand new feature is bundled animations. You can now directly embed and animate images onto the pages of your Flipbooks. Interactive content is a great way to boost engagement and memorability.

Check out our cool example here.  

Another key improvement is to the hot folder functionality. It’s now possible to specify the template and profile to use when adding your PDF by simply dropping it into the corresponding folder.

We believe the updates we release are what makes 3D Issue different. Our dedicated innovation team is continually focused on anticipating – and exceeding – the evolving requirements of you and your readers. Our improvements and new features are carefully developed to improve the overall quality and experience that you can offer audiences with your digital Flipbook publications.

We hope you enjoy V11 and we’ll be in touch again soon with news of our next release. 

Did you know? 

When you purchase a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you’ll automatically receive all the latest updates. 

Any questions? 

If you’d like to know more, our support team would be delighted to hop on a call!