Flipbook Benefits For Your Business

What are the business benefits of flipbooks? 

Whether you have a book or a brochure, a technical manual or an annual report, digital publishing software lets you convert your print ready PDFs into flipbooks, quickly and easily:

  • Flipbooks offer readers an amazing content experience and they afford content creators much more scope than PDFs. Multimedia elements can be included to engage the audience and encourage interactivity. Creative layouts and interactive features like ecommerce, videos and image galleries can be used to wow readers. 
  • Flipbooks are a great way for companies to deliver the content that their readers want, optimised for the devices that they’re using. Flipbooks work on every modern device and browser whether that’s desktop, tablet or mobile. The digital publications created using flipbooks software don’t need to be downloaded or have an app installed to be viewed. 
  • By adding logos, branded backgrounds and company colour schemes, marketing communications pros can create contemporary, on-brand publications with a slick, professional feel.
  • Up-to-date digital publishing software can automatically detect things like hyperlinks and jump-to-pages and place a hotspot on top of them, for a smooth reader experience. 
  • Making a digital flipbook is super-speedy. Moments after uploading, PDFs are converted into digital publications and are ready for sharing on social media, as part of an email marketing campaign, on a company website and so on. 
  • By eliminating the need for printing, brand content can be shared globally – the reach potential is vast – with hugely reduced production and distribution costs and with significant environmental benefits. 
  • Integration with Google Analytics allows companies to gain key audience insights essential for strategic business development and to maintain a competitive edge. And, made with HTML5, Flipbooks can be easily crawled by search engines making content discoverable.
  • Options like linking to an online store or even selling ad space offer companies important potential revenue opportunities, too.

What is a digital flipbook? 

  • Flipbooks are publications that have been digitised for online reading. 
  • PDFs of the publications’ pages are uploaded using digital publishing software. 
  • Flipbooks are replacing paper-based documents like reports, presentations and catalogues. 
  • As audiences raise the bar, customer-experience-wise, flipbooks are also replacing digital PDFs.  
  • Readers can flick between the digital publications’ pages. 
  • And interactive features – like video, for example – further enhance the content experience.

Discover more about digital flipbooks – including samples – here.  

How do you make a flipbook?

Convert PDF to flipbook in 3 super simple steps. 

Choose an up-to-the-minute digital publishing platform and the creation of visually impactful marketing communications could not be easier:

  1. Add your PDF
    Add your PDFs to the flipbooks software to create a project.
    The PDFs will go through a quick process to detect things like fonts and images.
    Links – like emails and phone numbers, for example – will be automatically added as hotspots to your flipbooks project.
  1. Customise
    Add multimedia and interactive elements to your flipbook.
    You can change the look of your flipbook with customisable page transitions, backgrounds, colours and button icons.
    And you can always edit the project later on to add more features to your digital publication.
  1. Publish
    The digital publishing software handles the building and uploading of your flipbook publication leaving you free to work on other things!

What is the future of publishing?

Digital publishing has changed the world: just look at the rise of publications like newspapers, magazines and books in digital form. Readers are increasingly mobile-first, though. So it’s fair to say that the world, in turn, has changed digital publishing. 

Digital publishing software – like Flipbooks, for example, created as a desktop solution – has had to evolve to survive. Audiences – many consuming content on-the-go – will no longer persevere with material that has not been optimised for mobile. 

There are certainly some challenges ahead for content creators. But – as digital publishing software develops – there are many exciting opportunities ahead for them, too.    

About 3D Issue

Globally, over 10,000 businesses have used our long-established, tried and trusted flipbooks software. More than a million US marketers have downloaded trial versions of our simple-to-use software and benefited from the reassurance of a digital publishing service that comes with a proven track record and expert customer service support. 

We currently have: 

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We believe that our digital publishing software offers companies – of every shape and size – a simple and stylish way to share the stories that are at the heart of their business. 

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