How to Embed YouTube Videos in Your Digital Magazine

embed-video-digital-magazine3D Issue has a number of features which, when used correctly, can provide quite substantial time saving in your digital publication creation, and also for Search Engine Optimization. 3D Issue online magazine software has interactive features which allow the publisher to add in various rich media elements.

One of the most interesting of these elements is the ability to add a YouTube video ID so your publication can stream the movie.

The advantages to the addition of a YouTube video rather than including and uploading a regular file are as follows:

Prevention of content duplication – if video files have already been created and saved the addition of this content via the movie option in 3D Issue means that there is no need to create new content or to duplicate saving time and money.

Search Engine Optimization – the use of YouTube and other social networks is vital for a successful SEO campaign, by utilizing your video files via 3D Issue one can ensure that the view count keeps increasing and that strategy is focused.

Server space – each 3D Issue publication takes up a certain level of space on your server, this is generally not a problem but waste not want not right? Adding your content to YouTube and then streaming from the YouTube servers means that, server space is not used by your organization which benefits you as it saves money too.


How can I add a YouTube video to my 3D Issue page turn publication?
1. Ensure that 3D Issue Professional or Enterprise is installed;

2. Check that your permissions for the YouTube video you want to upload is set to public (see below for more on this);

3. The YouTube video being used is permissible, copyright should never be infringed.

See the video tutorial below showing you step by step how to embed video into a digital magazine.

See the instructions listed out below also.

In 3D Issue follow these steps to add your YouTube video ID

• Open the Design tab;

• Select ‘Interactive’ sub-menu then choose;

• Hotspot / Movie button or Embed Movie.

To find your YouTube Video ID

Click the Share button associated with the video, note the final combination of numbers and letters are required to embed your Video.

In this example the YouTube ID is after the ‘/v=’ this is the code which would be entered into the ‘video’ file space below.

How do I know that I can share my YouTube Videos?
Ensure that your video can be shared publicly to do this open the YouTube Video manager.
Enter rR12J-VVJg0 as the ID in 3D Issue.

Note that using the Embedded Video button also provides the option of specifying a Poster image which can display prior to a reader clicking Play.

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By Audrey Henry