Creating a Magazine – 5 Key Points to Consider

e-magazine creation When starting a project to create a digital magazine, there are a number of key points that a publisher must take in to consideration before they even start to build their publication. These points include what type of magazine the publisher is creating? How often will the publisher be publishing? Who is the target audience? How to read the publication using a mobile device? How to integrate social media sharing with the publication?

1.  Type of magazine – By far the most important thing for a publisher to consider, are they creating a magazine, a brochure, a catalog, an information booklet, a college/university prospectus, a guide? The type of publication will determine the format of the publication and also what type of layout and coloring scheme the publisher will use. It will also determine will this be a free magazine, a monetized publication or if it will be a free magazine with advertising.

2.  How often will the publisher be publishing? This is important for the publisher, will this be a regular publication; every week/ fort nightly/ monthly or yearly or is this a once off publication. This is important because if the publisher is on a deadline they may need more people working on the project and this will determine whether this will be a profitable project.

3.  Target audience – who is the target audience? Is it a racing car magazine that men between the ages of 18 to 70 will read or is it specialized publications say for instance a publication on a boy band that will be read by girls between the ages of 15 to 20. This is important as it will determine if you can monetize your publication or if you will be relying on advertising. Also it will indicate how many readers a publisher can predict will read the magazine.

publishing a magazine

4.  Reaching the mobile market– According to Pew Internet Research, one third of Americans own a Tablet mobile device and 56% of Americans own a Smartphone. With these statics, publishers must simply be able to publish their magazine online and it can be read on mobile devices. If the publication is created in the HTML5 format, then it will be compatible across mobile devices.

5.  Use of social media– The use of social media is important with a digital magazine. By allowing the reader to share the publication on either their own social media page or a friend’s page, the publication will reach an audience outside the catchment area.

With these key points in mind, a publisher can start their project with a clear understanding of what they need to consider when creating a publication.

By Derek Kelly