Why is College Newspaper Advertising so Effective?

advertising college A recent study showed that, on average, 72-80% of college students regularly read their student newspaper. When a school or college has 20,000 students, a 72-80% readership translates to an impressive reach. Generally college newspapers are available all over their campus and they are free. College newspapers reach a specific market of consumers and have a surprisingly high readership. While they are not the only form of advertising necessary for most businesses, they do represent a great opportunity that should not be overlooked.

MediaMate did a study recently that showed the CPT of college newspapers is as low as $0.11. This is possible because even though colleges offer lower prices to advertisers than other newspapers, they have an extremely high readership.

College students read their student newspaper because it is a relatively trusted source of information.  It is also a community paper which is assumed to be free from outside influences. This opens students up to trust the information being provided; even the advertisements.

Newspaper ads will be retained better after one reading and will take significantly less repetition in order for it to become successful. This cuts down on the cost of running an ad over and over in order for it to be effective.

College publications benefit from the fact that they are read almost exclusively by students of that school. Not only does this allow for advertising directly targeting college students, but they can be further customized based on the demographics of individual colleges.

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College students are the end product of the last few generations focus on getting things instantly. They find a way around advertisements and other forms of selling whenever possible. Advertisers must find a way to reach these consumers in a way that makes them more open to hear their message.

People who read newspapers are looking for information and will approach the ads in the same way they approach the articles. As part of the reading experience they will view these ads with more of an open mind and a willingness to be told something

According to the College Explorer Study the number of college students reached 16 million last year. Their buying power increased 13% from $270 billion to $306 billion. This rapidly growing segment cannot be ignored and must be carefully targeted.

By Linda Daly