How Animation Ads Can be Super Effective

animation-adsIt’s a great time for a fresh start, as each new year brings the incentive for change and rebirth. Employing a little animation in your adverts can greatly increase your chances of user engagement.

If you create a digital publication; be it for marketing your business, organization or simply to help spread useful information, then the tips in today’s blog will be an advantage to you. For any e-magazine or e-brochure you create the fundamentals for digital advertising success should be fully explored.

Every now and then the public just like to be entertained and the simplicity of an advert playing before them is enough to gain their attention for a few seconds. Maybe they will remember your brand over your competitors as a result.

Advertising opportunities in online magazines are evolving with technological advances, enabling publishers to generate more advertising revenue, and offer advertisers more opportunities and perhaps most importantly, ROI and tracking information.


Adding HTML5 animation

Your advert can contain audio, music, animated SWFs, HTML5 animation or video which can auto-start on page turn. For best results; first plan your design to suit the animation you will insert later stages.

Grab the attention and increase the interaction of each viewer with a unique animation feature.

Your advert, animation, call to action, image and message can be as original as you like. Design adverts for your digital magazines with all these elements in mind and you can reach full potential for clicks and recognition on your ad and brand as a whole.

Adding a transitional banner advert

Advertising revenue is the driving force behind successful initiatives in digital publishing, don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to features that could benefit you and your target audience.

Reinvent your adverts: Adverts from your print editions can take a new exciting form when your publication is digitized.

3D Issue software and a little imagination can help you manage your products and services for marketing potential. Take the initiative and try it out today! Try some animation in your adverts!

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By Audrey Henry