3D Issue Flipbooks Online FAQ’s

Flipbooks Online
With the latest release of the new Flipbooks Online software, there are frequent questions being asked about our most recent launch. We hope that after reading through these answers below you will have a greater understanding of which platform would be best suited to you and you will be confident in your decision.

If I upgrade to Flipbooks Online do I still need the desktop version?

Due to the intricate work from the 3D Issue team, they have managed to create 2 different platforms that have individual characteristics which differentiate from each other. It is important to have an understanding of both Flipbooks online and the desktop version and also what platform software would best suited to what you are trying to achieve before making a decision. For more information on which product is right for you, click here. https://www.3dissue.com/introducing-flipbooks-online/

We do recommend that existing customers keep both solutions as you are unable to open desktop created publication files in the online edition.

I already pay for a desktop subscription what will happen if I add Flipbooks Online?

Flipbooks Online is positioned as a separate solution to our desktop software. Pricing is based in accordance with your existing subscriptions, therefore, you keep your existing subscriptions and add on Flipbooks Online. We have structured special pricing for existing customers so that your original investment for the desktop edition is taken into consideration.

Can I still host the publications on my website?

All of our Flipbooks Online publications are hosted on our secure Amazon S3 servers (the same servers used by Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc) you can mask the URL’s so it looks like the publications are hosted on your website or your clients.

What will happen with my existing publications on the desktop edition?

You will still be able to edit your existing publications using the desktop edition and all of your publications will remain hosted in the same location.
For all of your new projects, the publications will be hosted by us with the online edition.

What are the differences between Flipbooks Online and the Desktop edition?

The advantages of Flipbooks online are:
•You can access the service and publish from anywhere as you are no longer restricted to the computer you installed the software on.
• You can now add your colleagues to your account to collaborate or assign different publications / projects.
• You will receive all upgrades and enhancements to your account the instant they are live.
• Partner Customers can white-label and gain access to the entire platform of your product workflow, you also have the option to offer it as a branded service to your clients.

The Advantages of Desktop are:
• You can self host your publications
• You can create offline editions of your publications
• You can remove and replace single PDF’s
• Use our Hot Folder to upload multiple PDF’s

Are there any features in Flipbooks Desktop which are not available in Flipbooks Online?

The following features are not currently available in the Online edition:
– Hot Folder (upload multiple PDF’s)
– SKU Codes/ Regular Expressions*
– PDF Authoring tools (ability to add/ remove single pages from the PDF or change page order)
– Offline Editions are not available
– User Login Feature*
– Double Page Spread

*Available in phase 2.

What do I get included in the Flipbooks Online Subscription?

With the Professional Flipbooks Online Subscription you get 1 user, 1 branded template and the ability to create 100 publications.

With the Enterprise Flipbooks Online Subscription you get 5 users, 3 branded templates and the ability to create 300 publications

With the Partner version you get 5 users, 50 branded templates and the ability to create 1000 publications.

All Online subscriptions include Upgrades, Cloud Hosting, telephone and email technical support and a dedicated account manager.

I have multiple colleagues who need access to flipbooks, can I add more?

Yes, you can add an additional user for US$299 per year.

I work with multiple clients and will need additional branded templates, can I add more?

Yes, you can add an additional branded template for US$299 per year.

What happens once I have used up all of my publication allocation?

You can add an additional 100 publications for US$299 per year

I have already paid for additional lifetime Templates and Installs, can I transfer them over to the Online edition?

Of course transferring is made available for any of your existing templates. You will have the option for these templates and installs to be used and continued with you throughout your experience with 3D Issue.

Do you offer bundles for multiple access and branded templates?

Yes, we understand that every company has different needs, we can tailor a subscription based on the number of users, branded templates and publications you can create. To discuss further please contact your account manager john@3dissue.com

I have Professional Flipbooks but I would like to upgrade to the Enterprise Online edition?

We have special pricing for Professional users to upgrade to the enterprise edition, please contact our account manager john@3dissue.com for pricing.

If you are still hesitant on which software platform would best suit your needs, we are available to answer any questions you may have. Contact your account manager or email us here today at customerservices@3dissue.com for more information.