5 Inspiring Digital Prospectus Designs

The traditional prospectus is almost unrecognisable, no longer available only in print, reaching a much wider audience than ever before. It should continue to serve the same core purpose and provide your audience with a picture of your college and its courses, facilities and people, conveying the true value of the education available there.

3D Issue software has helped hundreds of educational customers all over the world to deliver their prospectus in a unique way, reaching audiences through their own preferred digital device, whether on-line of off-line. We would like to share five of those with you in this blog post, each for a different reason.

1.     UCA Berkley, Haas Prospectus MBA Program

(Straight pdf to page flipping digital prospectus design)

A great example of how to get started quickly, this is a straight pdf to page flipping prospectus design. The final publication contains high quality graphic images and has automatically picked up the links within the original pdf document that take the reader to other web pages for further information. See the back page as a wonderful example of this.

2.     The Leeds Beckett University Undergraduate Prospectus.

(Integrating Linked You Tube Video and Virtual Reality in this prospectus design)

Everything you need to know about Leeds Beckett University is in their digital prospectus. Their courses, world class facilities, sport scene and social life. You’ll also find You Tube linked videos of the first rate student accommodation on pages 228 and 229. The prospectus truly conveys why Leeds Beckett University is a great place to study.

3.     Oxford Brookes University Undergraduate Prospectus

(Use of Audio Clips and the Prospectus as a Facebook App)

This example completely embraces the use of audio and video throughout the prospectus design, helping those students with visual impairment greatly. Good examples in this publication of the use of audio clips on Page 7. This prospectus is available as a Facebook App through their Facebook page. Readers can browse through the prospectus without even leaving the Facebook page. For more detail on how they have used Apple iTunes and Google Play to promote their prospectus, why not have a look at their You Tube Video posting.

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4.     Sunesis Education Prospectus Private Education Sector

(Straight pdf to presentation style digital prospectus)

This is a wonderful example of a digital prospectus used in the K-12 Private Education sector. A wonderful mix of floor space layouts combined with curricular details for both the Primary and Secondary education divisions within the school.


5.     Edison Community College Academic Catalog

(Embedded Video within the digital prospectus)

This is wonderful prospectus uses video embedded within the page. It does not link from a YouTube video this time and plays the video clip within fixed parameter settings on the page, another great feature available from 3D Issue Software. See it on page 2.

Why not try it out for yourself and start creating your digital prospectus today with a free 30 day trial from 3D Issue. A library of free video tutorial files will get you started now.

By Linda Daly