How Caesars Palace used FlipBooks to attract more attention digitally and increase customer interaction.


Caesars Entertainment is an internationally known casino entertainment company that first opened in 1966 with the opening of the Caesar Palace. It was founded on providing it’s customers with outstanding services with excellent products and entertainment for their guests.

They have more than 20 nationwide destinations that offer 42,000 guest rooms and 1.9 million square feet of space. Caesars Entertainment is committed to caring for their all guests across all of these destinations and will do anything to improve the customers’ experience with them


The goal of this company was to reduce the amount of mail that they send out to their customers. They wanted to make the transition to more interactive digital content that their clients would enjoy and their publications would then be sent out via their email and on their website.

They did not want their content to be considered as spam and ignored when they sent out information in their emails. They hoped to modernize their marketing technique to match the modern contemporary theme they had within their establishments.

Caesars Entertainment only wanted to use a software of a high standard that would display their content in the most professional way. When comparing different products they discovered 3D Issue and believed it offered the most features, had the easiest interface and was mac compatible.

Not only was it Mac compatible but the software was available to view on any device, this made Caesar’s information to be available to read on any tablet, mobile Mac or Pc device.

They were satisfied to go ahead with producing a digital magazine with the 3D Issue software and looked forward to the results.


3D Issue’s Flipbook software made a great impression on Caesars Entertainment company through their many interactive features and the trouble-free, uncomplicated software.

‘’I am very pleased with the ease of use and the reliability of the product. I was also impressed by the quality of 3D Issue’s customer service team.’’ – Jean Nordahl, Caesars Entertainment.

They found their customers had quicker access to their information through the use of the digital magazines. They would distribute them through their eNewsletters and customer response improved greatly in comparison to what it was like before. Their users were becoming more and more interactive with the business.

The company felt their existing customers were more educated on their new products and different events they would be hosting due to the interactive digital magazines, they enjoyed the process of reading through digital publications.

‘’Flipbooks gives our customers faster access to our promotional material in a modern format. Our material is shared with primarily existing customers, but flipbooks have helped to educate them on our product offerings and in turn, have increased their spend at our properties.’’ – Jean Nordahl, Caesars Entertainment.