How do I add Google Analytics tracking for Flipbooks Online?

install google analytics
Adding Google Analytics tracking to your Flipbooks Online flipbooks is possible but it requires some setting up. Let’s examine the steps to achieve this below.

1. Mask the domain name using a CNAME record

You can read more about the domain masking process by clicking the following link: Flipbooks Online Domain Masking

2. Enable Google Analytics Tracking in Flipbooks Online

Login to your Flipbooks Online dashboard and expand the side menu and go to the Manage > Branding section. You will want to click on the Advanced section to reveal it.

Tick the Mask domain checkbox and enter your CNAME into the provided field. Then, enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the Google Analytics ID field. You can choose whether to use Google Analytics Classic tracking or Universal Tracking. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to apply these changes.

Click here to find out more about setting up your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Now your flipbooks will send out the flipbook events to the linked Google Analytics Account.

Updated on February 14, 2019

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