Can I mask the cloud domain for my Flipbooks?

Flipbooks Desktop?

If you are using Flipbooks Desktop, use the instructions found here.

When hosting your Flipbooks on our cloud servers you can mask the cloud domain, so that your magazine appears to be on your own domain to Google.

By default, the URL would be in the form:

In order to do this, please have your webmaster or hosting provider follow the steps below:

    1. Access your DNS manager and create a new CNAME such as that is pointed at
    2. Test your CNAME with our Testing page. If everything has been setup correctly you’ll get a success message.

      Test your CNAME

    3. Open your Flipbooks Online Dashboard and add the CNAME (Manage  > Branding > Advanced > Domain (CNAME)) – in this example, you can also add your Google Analytics Tracking ID in the field below.
    4. Click Save. The masking process will begin automatically on our server and will send you an email once complete.
      The process may take a few minutes as we request SSL certificates for your domain and these take some time to generate.

When creating the DNS entry, Please be sure to use a CNAME, rather than an A Record. This will ensure that your Flipbooks will continue to work, even if our server location changes.

Using this method, your cloud-hosted Flipbooks would then also be visible at the CNAME that was setup. For example:

Original URL:

After masking process is complete:

Masked URL:

Now you can easily distribute this masked web link URL for your Flipbooks through social media, email campaigns, on your own website as plain text, hyperlinked images or text, or even by embedding your Flipbooks on your website via an iFrame.

Updated on March 1, 2019

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