What does white label mean?

With our standard license and subscriptions Flipbooks created with 3D Issue have a subtle powered By 3D Issue badge. The white label versions of our solutions remove this reference along with other references to 3D Issue. Information on the white label version is available from our team.

Contact our team for info about white label

Where does the Powered by display?

There are two display options when creating Flipbooks through our software; Normal Magazine Type and Skinless Magazine Type. You can see how the powered by 3D Issue reference is displayed for each of them at the links below.

In Normal Magazine Type, the powered by 3D Issue badge is shown in the top right corner when your Flipbook has loaded. In Skinless Magazine Type, it is located under the preloader (your logo) for a brief moment as the Flipbook loads. Here’s an example of white labeled publication without the powered by 3D Issue badge.

Should you choose to move forward with our legacy pricing for the desktop software only, white label is only included with Enterprise if you have both optional add-ons included (Upgrade Protection and Cloud Services).

Updated on October 18, 2018

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