Adding custom Javascript to Flipbooks

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager was added in Flipbooks Desktop 9.3.

embed javascript
Google Tag Manager can be used to add custom Javascript to your Flipbooks. The tutorial below will guide you through the steps of setting up Google tag manager and adding your javascript.

1. Create a Google Tag Manager account.

We’ll start by creating and setting up our account on Tag Manager.

  1. Head over to Google Tag Manager and sign in with your Google Account to start creating an Account.
  2. When signed in, you’ll need to create your first Tag Manager account. Click Create Account
    Screenshot showing Google Tag Manager
  3. On the next page give your new Account a name, this can be anything. Select your Country and click Continue

  4. Then give your Container a name. Containers represent your website, pages, apps etc. We’re going to use the container for the web, so select that too.
  5. Agree to the terms & privacy policy if prompted.
  6. You’ll be brought into your new Tag Manager workspace, and will likely be prompted to Install Google Tag Manager, just click OK

  7. Click Add a new tag
    Add a new tag
  8. Give your new Tag a name, you can give it any name, choose one that’s relevant though so it’s easy to recognise.
  9. Click Tag Configuration to start adding your tag. In the pane that opens scroll down and select Custom HTML
  10. In here you can enter your Javascript. You can include it as a linked resource or in an inline script tag.
    Paste in Script
  11. Scroll down to Triggering and click it.
  12. In the Pane that opens, check the box beside All Pages and click Add in the top right corner.
  13. Click Save
  14. You’ll be brought back to your Tag Manager Workspace.
    Tag Manager requires you to Submit or Publish changes so we’ll need to do that.
  15. Click Submit in the top right corner
    Click Submit
  16. Give your Version a name (This can be anything). Click Publish
  17. Switch back to the workspace Tab in Tag Manager and click the GTM id along the top bar.
    Click the ID
  18. In the Dialog that opens, locate and copy the GTM id.
    Copy the ID
  19. And that is Tag Manager setup with your Javascript. Now we just need to add Tag Manager to Our Flipbook.

2. Add your Tag Manager ID to your Flipbook

  1. Launch 3D Issue 9.3 on your Computer and open or create the Flipbook you wish to add your javascript to.
  2. In the Content tab select the correct template and profile. Then select Setup
  3. In the window that opens select the Domains tab and next to the domain(s) your Flipbook will appear under paste in your Tag Manager ID that we copied earlier.
  4. Click Next, then Finish
  5. Now switch to the Design tab.
  6. Expand the advanced Panel on the left.
  7. Next to Analytics Type select Google Tags.
    Select Google Tags
  8. Build and upload your Flipbook, and then view it!

And that’s it! Your Flipbook is now running your custom javascript.



Updated on February 14, 2019

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