How do I get my text better quality without zooming in?

If you have designed a Flipbook that takes up the majority of the screen and can be read without having to zoom in, but the text looks a bit ‘blurry’, try this..

Turn on the ‘Tiled’ option

Here is an example of a Flipbook we created with the ‘Tiled’ option turned off (default):

Standard Version

Here is an example of the same Flipbook we created with the ‘Tiled’ option turned on:

Tiled Version

You will notice that with the Tiled version, the blurriness around the text disappears and becomes sharper. Please note though, the build time will be much longer for the Tiled version and the file size of the project will be larger. It is also only available in ‘Slide’ and ‘Presentation’ mode. It is not available with the default ‘Flip’ mode.

Learn more about the Tiled version


1. Open your project

2. Navigate to the Design tab

3. Under the Structure section you will see a ‘View Mode’ option

4. Click on the drop down menu and choose ‘Custom’

5. A popup will appear. Please ensure that the ‘Desktop’ Mode is set to ‘Presentation’ and more importantly, that ‘Tiled’ is checked.

6. Click ‘Build’ to upload your Flipbook again.

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Updated on December 11, 2018

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