Frequently Asked Questions

Who hosts my Flipbooks?

We do. Flipbooks Online includes our cloud hosting solution that is optimized for delivering Flipbooks created by the 3D Issue suite.

Can I create Flipbooks for my clients?

You can with the purchase of additional template. Read more here.

Is there a limit on how many Flipbooks can I create?

This changes depending on your publication sizes and subscription level. We limit by storage so you could make ten times the number of 100 page Flipbooks than 1000 page Flipbooks.
If you hit a limit let us know and we’ll assess your usage for a limit bump.

Is support included on all packages?

Yes. Email support is included in all our packages. We pride ourselves in answering or solving your questions as quickly as possible.

Once I create my Flipbook how do I send it to my readers?

You can share the Flipbook via its web address or via the Share icon next to your Flipbook in the Flipbooks Dashboard.

How do I upload the Flipbooks to my website?

Sorry this is not currently possible in Flipbooks Online. If this is a requirement for you or your Company you will also be given access to our Desktop solution which has a built-in FTP and SFTP uploader which can do this.

Are the Flipbooks viewable on the iPad, iPhone and mobile devices?

Yes. The 3D Issue software creates pure HTML5 versions of your Flipbook. The HTML5 version can be viewed on any devices such as iPads, Android phones and tablets as well as on desktop.

Updated on March 5, 2019

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