Using Pre-Built Page Layouts

Experios offers lots of pre-built page layouts that allow content creators to build professional publications quickly and easily. 

Removing the need for spacing, padding, margins, and so on, using pre-built layouts can reduce design complexity. It’s easy to use the features we explored in previous sections, though, to enhance the look and feel of the pre-builds.  

To get started, choose “Add Content”, select “Layouts” and then choose the “General” option. There are hundreds of image and text layout configurations for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your selection, a default publication will be added to your canvas. The default text and images are simple to edit. 

Double-clicking the default image allows you to choose a replacement image from your library on Experios, from a wide selection of stock images or – via upload – from the images on your PC.

You can make quick edits to the default text using the tool-bar while the “Properties” panel offers more options including background colour, image and so on. 

When changes are made to the text – if a chunk is removed, for example – the image auto-resizes accordingly so there’s no need to adjust things like margins. 


Updated on August 19, 2020

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