Why won’t my video or image upload?

To ensure that your project performs as well as possible on both desktop browsers and mobile devices it is important that your uploaded media is optimised for the web. As such, there is a limit on the physical size of the images and videos that can be uploaded to the platform.

  • For images this limit is 15mb.
  • For videos the limit is 300mb.
  • The accepted file formats for images are .JPG and .PNG.
  • The accepted file format for videos is .mp4.

If your image is too large to be added to your project then it will not create a good experience for your reader or audience and should be optimised. Please import your image into Photoshop or your preferred photo editing software and ‘export for web’ with the output size set for 15mb or lower.

For large videos we recommend using the free Handbrake video optimisation software to ensure the video looks as good as possible on all devices while keeping the file-size below the 300mb limit.

Updated on January 8, 2021

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