Experios has two elements for creating basic shapes in your layout.


The Rectangle element allows you to draw a simple rectangle within your layout. Like other elements, the width and height, padding and margins of a rectangle can be adjusted using the General section of the Properties panel. The height can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the circle at the bottom edge of your rectangle.

The Background section of the properties panel allows you to style your rectangle using a background colour, gradient or image. In the Background section, you can also apply filters and blending effects to your background.


The Line element places a single horizontal line on the canvas. This defaults to a 2px thick black line, but can be modified in the Properties panel using the colour option, under ‘General’, and the Line Thickness option, under ‘Settings’.

Space above and below the line can be defined using margin and/or padding settings.

Updated on June 24, 2022

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