Adding Buttons

Buttons – like links – are a great way to boost interactivity.   

Choose “Add Content”, select “Features” and then find the “Button” option.   

A default button will be added to your page. The wording, font, size and so on can then be modified using the text-editing tool-bar.

While the “Properties” panel offers more options for your button including background colour and image. 

In the “Settings” section of “Properties”, you can: 

  • Choose whether or not to hide your button on mobile
  • Choose whether the reader opens the button’s target in a new or current window
  • Create analytics tags for SEO 
  • Change the buttons you’ve created to links

This section is also where you set your button’s target – choosing between adding a web address or go-to-page function.

Updated on August 19, 2020

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