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This article is for Flipbooks Desktop. Flipbooks Online users should go here.

We have a user login feature available with Cloud Services, with its primary purpose being to password-protect your Flipbooks.
Use cases include, subscriptions, confidential documents and other restricted access scenarios.


KelbyOne use user login to prompt their readers for a username and password as soon as they open the digital publication.


User login has two distinct types. Custom Login, Portal Login.

Portal Login

Portal Login allows you to manage users through 3D Issue software. This service is entirely self contained and no development or integrations are required on your part.

Portal includes individual user additions as well as bulk import support. You can also set expiry dates, fail locks and other features for users in portal.

Custom Login

Custom login provides an option to have your Flipbooks communicate with your existing database of users via a REST api. This requires a small bit of development in your existing system so that it can understand the information sent to it, by 3D Issue. It should then return a valid true/false JSON response. For more details please contact our team.


To add login to a Flipbook, Simply go to the DESIGN tab within the software.

  1. Open the User Login menu from the Left Pane of the DESIGN tab.
  2. Within this menu you can choose when to prompt readers for their credentials.
    Login on Start – Prompt immediately
    Login on First Zoom – Prompt when the user attempts to zoom on the page.
    Login after n Pages – Login when the user goes past a certain page. (n being the page number!)
    Login after n Seconds – Prompt the user after an amount of time (in seconds).
  3. Login also includes some additional settings for a Register Link and Forgot Password link. These are useful if you use Custom Login.

    Please note that the Register Link cannot be displayed inside an Android or iOS app due to App Store & Google Play policies.

  4. Once you build your Flipbook, you’ll be able to try out your login. Just note that you’ll need users in Portal or your own system for it to work.
Updated on March 6, 2019

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