Digital Magazines update 9.1

Today marks the official release of the latest update to our Flipbook software.  We have added a bunch of new features and enhancements to the software solution to further set ourselves apart from the competition. At 3D Issue, we are continuously updating and improving what we have, for our customers. To give you a little insider information, below we will also give you a glimpse of what to expect in 2018. We believe, more than most other years, 2018 will see a major breakthrough in how companies aggregate and transmit their content to their audience. The technology has been threatening for some time, in a nice way and we see a crescendo appearing nicely on the horizon.

For now though we celebrate 3D Issue version 9.1 !!!

Our upgraded features came about due to some customer demand. This is why we would always encourage you to engage with us and let us know how we can make your life/job easier. Your personal account manager, our sales team and support team are on hand over 12 hours every day.

  • Vertical Slide for mobile
    Mobile editions of digital publications have been, up to now, tricky to navigate. A web-page, an email or any social channel feed is navigated by scrolling downwards. While a print publication can’t do this, we have always tried to mimic the physical properties of a print publication and make it as near to the fact as we can. However, as some customers suggested, the digital publication breaks boundaries on all other fronts so why not on the navigation front as well.Now, assuming you enable the setting,  your readers will be able to scroll to the next page by swiping down causing the pages to slide of the top in a stack style animation.vertical slide
  • Enhanced loading
    A lot of work in the background on this feature but not so much up-front. But believe us when we say your publications will now load much more efficiently. We rewrote how the publications are loaded in our code as well as how and when media and interactive elements are loaded into the publications. This has made the publications more light-weight and easier to control and load for both you and your readers.
  • Forms, Polls and Surveys
    At the top of the request list for quite a while, we are really happy to integrate a new feature that will allow you to integrate any 3rd party forms or surveys, such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey,  directly into your digital editions. A fantastic way to collect customer feedback for you or your advertisers, carry out a survey or allow readers to fill out sign-up forms etc. Access the new feature along with the other interactive features in the design tab.

What’s coming in 9.2

Looking forward, as per usual, we have made light work of another very popular request which is going to be released in version 9.2. Towards the end of January 2018 our new release will focus on live text.  In this release a new feature set is being added that will allow your readers to:

  • Select text on the page
  • Copy text from the page to the clipboard
  • Highlight text on the page and store for later
  • See highlighted words on the page through search results


A new breed of Flipbooks in 2018


3D Issue Flipbooks online

A momentous move from us here at 3D Issue will happen in early 2018. We have always mastered the standalone flipbook software, and in fact it was a big differentiator for us, especially in our early years. Ease-of-use and easy accessibility is our mantra so we wanted to make life for 3D Issue clients that little bit more lavish, yet more simple to access than ever.

You will be able to login online with an email and password and simply drop your PDF onto the page. Within seconds, you can view your digital magazine live and then work on the layout and also add your interactive elements to your publication, before setting it live.

For our partners or clients who wish to expand their offering and upgrade to partner status, the Online Flipbook solution will also come complete with a CRM that will allow you to completely white label our online platform!!! Let’s take a moment to take that in. Our Online solution allows you to take our software, remove every piece of our branding, and pass it on to your own clients as your software solution. This is mammoth, and we will happily furnish you with more information on this on request.

Drop an email to your account manager or to to get involved. We are always working closely with our customers to help us add features that maximise the value you get from 3D Issue.