The World’s First True HTML5 Digital Publishing Tool Is Here!

eBooks for iPad,desktop, tablet, iPhone, eReader3D Issue has officially launched 3D Issue version 5.

Launched today, Version 5 introduces many new features that add significant value to both creators and end readers alike. 3D Issue version 5 also incorporates easy eBook conversion for Kindle, Nook and other eReaders, as well as the software tool content hubs, a 3D Issue-branded program that converts RSS feeds, web pages and videos into sleek digital magazines.

“3D Issue has been on the forefront of digital publishing since its inception, and we are pleased to bring our technology to our widest audience yet, allowing iPad and iPhone owners to access the dynamic, interactive content that HTLM5 digital magazines can offer,” says Paul McNulty, Managing Director, 3D Issue. “We want to go beyond translating static print magazines into static electronic magazines. By using HTML5, we can provide all readers with a richer experience that truly realizes the promise of digital technology—with live links, embedded videos, and many more features. ”

3D Issue version 5 is built to be completely intuitive and is targeted at the average marketer and publisher without any design training. With a simple interface, users can covert PDFs and blogs into readable and engaging digital magazines. Users can add hyperlinks, videos and sound to create interactive publications that go far beyond what print can deliver. Publishers and marketers can easily convert a graphic-dense magazine into an eBook format, or turn an eBook into a magazine, all within minutes.

New features in version 5 include:

• HTML5 output
• Mobile, iPad, iPhone compatible
• eReader output
• Save App icons to ipad and iphone home screens
• Blog and RSS to digital mag
• Presentation mode
• Saved searches
• YouTube embedded video
• Interface update and new UX
• Toolbar layout options
• Thumbnail view
• Additional Info text areas

By 3D Issue