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Convert your static catalogs into interactive and responsive publications that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere through any mobile or tablet device.

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Digital flipbooks
software solution
Create dynamic digital publications that work beautifully viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile
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Convert Image
convert PDFs
Our Flipbooks software will help you create stunning online publications that'll resonate with your readership
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Boost interactivity
with media
Adding rich media like buttons, audio, videos, image galleries and animations will increase audience engagement
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Improve reader
Creating result-focused content that's enjoyable to read is so simple and intuitive with our Flipbooks platform

Why Flipbooks?

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Library Page

Allow your readers to browse and search a full list of previous back issues straight from your online flipbooks

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Team Management

Enterprise subscriptions can manage teams, so more than one member can work on your Flipbooks at the same time

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User Login

This allows you to set login on start, on a page or after a timer. Integrate your existing systems using our API

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Custom Links

A configurable link detection function. Detects various data types & automatically generates web links from them

Create a digital magazine in 4 steps

  1. 1. Upload PDF

    Upload Image Our speedy process will detect elements like images, text and fonts in your PDF. Links, emails and phone numbers will automatically be added to your project as hotspots

  2. 2. Customize

    Customize Image Change your viewer style with customisable page transitions, backgrounds, colors and buttons. You can add or update features later if necessary

  3. 3. Publish

    Publish Image Our system handles building and uploading the various versions of your publication. Upload to your own server or to our cloud hosting. The choice is yours!

  4. 4. Share

    Share Image Share publications with your audience using your choice of social channels. Get readership insights using our statistics function or Google Analytics

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What our customers say...

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James Rix

Marketing Director

Highly recommended

3D Issue software allows us to reach our audiences with new, innovative technology that compliments our editorial and advertising. They also have a personal approach to customer service. I highly recommend them.

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Sarah Luker

Content Manager

Very impressed

I couldn't recommend the 3D Issue team more highly. They quickly felt like an extension of my team and worked to very tight deadlines. I was so impressed.

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Tim Landon


Our audience has doubled

Our Audience has more than doubled in 90 days and this is continuing and accelerating. Our objective is to keep growing at this rate. The customer service and engagement has been superb.

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