Customer Success Story: ‘Alianz’ and how their Digital Experience with 3D Issue’s Flipbooks Improved Interactions within the School Community

‘Alianz’ is a private, mixed school in Mexico that has 10 years experience in teaching and nourishing the development of students. This campus of more than 6 hectors has the aim to attend to all of their students ranging from 3-18. They try to provide their students with the best opportunities available to them which is why the school is very involved in all aspects of academics, sport and art.

With such a mass number of students to attend to, it is important that their information can be delivered and received by all students, teachers and parents. The school is an active user of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but they wondered if they could provide all their information in one place and save time instead of posting on every platform.

They hoped that they could upload information to a platform that would distribute out their information that could be accessed by families and staff of the school. They planned that if it was successful,  it would become a weekly update that parents and students could find any changes to the schedules or any upcoming events within the school.
Alianz soon discovered that their idea could be easily achieved using the 3D Issue software.


The private school had intentions that involved the creation of their own digital publications that it would be available for anyone within the school community to view on any device. They also wanted an easy program that was simple to use which would help to simplify their job, be less complicated and less time consuming.

They hoped this would become a weekly/monthly task, where they could showcase different upcoming events or past activities within the school to increase publicity for the school itself.  But the major factor they wanted to consider was that their content produced within digital magazines would be affordable for families and faculty of staff.

Results of Using Flipbooks

The Flipbook software of 3D Issue’s was the digital platform they decided to work with, simply because it was the only program they could find that met their needs and gave them the option to upload their information to a weekly bulletin.

They found it was a simple platform to comprehend and their digital marketing team enjoyed working with the Flipbook software, it was very straightforward and made their jobs easier.

‘’We needed the 3D Issue program to share information with all of our families, it was an easy program to manage,  plus, our marketers find their job was simplified with this great program.’’ – José Adrian Diaz Medina, Administrative Director of Alianz.

Alianz was very pleased with the Flipbooks they had created. They also found it added great content value to their app as 3D Issue gave them the option to link their Flipbooks to their free app. This was a factor both the developers and the customers enjoyed.

‘’It really is an excellent program and all of our customers like this option.’’

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