Choosing between the FlipBook Desktop software or FlipBook Online services

The FlipBooks Online and Desktop solution have a number of individual characteristics that will fulfill different needs. Therefore, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what makes them different. Have a look at some of our frequently asked questions below to see which solution is right for you.

choosing flipbook software

‘’ I am looking for a quick result where I can add my documents, add interactivity such as hotspots, video, and audio, to then publish and share with my readers.‘’

While both platforms offer what you ask for, the ‘FlipBook Online’ platform can upload and publish in a fraction of the time that it takes the desktop software. This is due to our servers being far more superior to any desktop or laptop computer and their sole purpose is to create digital editions.

‘’ I would like to host these digital editions on my own website/server?‘’

The best option for you here would be to select the ‘FlipBook Desktop’ option. Through the Desktop software, all your files are published locally. These can then be published onto your website or server through our FTP uploader or, should you wish, be uploaded through your own uploading solution. This is the simplest option.

However, note there are a couple of additional options. If you purchase the desktop software you can still purchase cloud hosting and publish to our cloud. Also, should you purchase the partner version of ‘Flipbooks Online’, we will work with you to set up a subdomain on your website so that all of your publications to our cloud will have their URLs masked to your sub-domain so that they appear to be hosted on your website.

‘’ I have multiple team members in different locations that I would like to have access to our account?’’

While you can purchase multiple instances of the desktop software, the best way to manage team members is through the ‘FlipBook Online’ platform. This new platform comes with a full CRM solution which will allow you, not only to add team members to your account but also enable you to determine what publications, brands/templates that they have access to and what permissions they have.

‘’I have a lot of publications to convert and a limited time in which to get them live online.’’

In this case, I would recommend the ‘FlipBooks Online’ solution as it can convert publications in a fraction of the time that the desktop server can as the servers that we use are far more powerful than any desktop or laptop computer and their sole purpose is to convert digital editions.

‘’ I need to be able to alter the PDFs that I am using to create the digital edition.’’

Sometimes clients will need to create publications that are made up of multiple PDF files, they need to change pages from live publications, their PDFs have crop marks that they would like to remove or their PDFs are configured as double-page spreads or a mixture of double and single pages. In any of these cases, we would recommend that they purchase ‘FlipBooks Desktop’. The Desktop solution has integrated PDF authoring tools that will allow users to alter the source PDF to achieve any of the objectives mentioned above.

‘’I am looking for a solution where I can offer this to my clients as a service?’’

The partner version of ‘FlipBooks online’ is what you need. This platform will allow you to white-label the digital editions (you can replace the 3D Issue branding with your own). Our team will also work with you to set-up a subdomain on your site so that all the publications that are created under your account will appear as though they are hosted on your chosen site.

For example, let’s say you wanted your publications published to your site:

We would work with you to set up a suitably named subdomain such as

Once this is set up, all publications would begin with the above URL.

For more information on the partner version and the different scales please contact or call 718 569 6212

‘’I am looking for a solution branded to my company where my members can log in, upload, edit and publish their publications by themselves.’’

What you have described is white-labeling, not just the publication but also the production environment. This method will effectively absorb this entire platform into your products and service. This is a solution that we can offer to partner clients. We effectively create a separate instance of the ‘FlipBook Online’ platform and then brand it to your company’s identity and domains allowing your members to log in and publish to your subdomain.
For more information on this enterprise partnership please contact

‘’I am an existing Flipbook Desktop customer, is there an easier way to migrate all of my publications across to FlipBooks Online?’’

With the desktop solution, customers tend to publish their digital editions to their own website servers. Therefore, it is not easy to migrate existing issues from an external web server to an existing server.

However, one of the advantages of FlipBooks Online is the speed at which you can upload and publish. Flipbook online editions are published in a fraction of the time so it would be very easy to upload your archive and have it live on the online platform.

‘’ Are there any new “bells & whistles” in the one version that is not available in the other program?’’

It is our aim to continue to add the same new features to both the online and desktop versions. However, there are unique differences between the products. The online version is best suited to companies where the speed of uploading/publishing and the speed of the hosting services are critical. Our Online platform can publish an online digital magazine in a fraction of the time that the desktop version can as the servers are 10 times more powerful than any desktop or laptop machine and their priority is publishing digital editions.

The desktop version is best suited to clients who wish to publish to their own websites or servers. This desktop version also has a number of tools that will not be made available in the online desktop. The online platform requires that you submit one PDF for each publication. While the desktop solution allows you to remove bleeds, add and remove pages from existing editions, you also have the ability to merge and resize PDFs.

‘’Are there any additional costs to migrate, or would our current “contract” give us complete access to the web-version?’’

There would be a migration cost as you are moving to a new platform with new services. That being said, we appreciate and recognize the investment you have already made in 3D Issue. We will ensure that this is reflected in the year 1 subscriptions cost. The scale of this will greatly depend on your existing account with 3D Issue.

To get a greater understanding of how to migrate across to FlipBooks Online please contact your account manager or email us here for more information.