Executive Summary

Warbble the cutting-edge social media management business was on the look out for a secret weapon to further power their platform. The content hubs API was implemented with their system to effectively save their customers money and time whilst attracting new prospects with engaging, relevant content.


Warbble was founded in 2015 and since then has grown from an idea start-up to a revenue generating platform. The headquarters are located in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin with an ever-expanding 20-person team.

Warbble is a cutting-edge social media management business creating customer targeted content for businesses. Their goal is to simplify social media management and have created a platform that can help businesses do this. The company are focused on creating and providing the social content and skills guaranteed to effectively and responsively engage with consumers.



Warbble were looking for a content aggregator to plugin into their Social content management platform. They wanted to add value to their system and provide their customers with relevant and hot off the press news and content for their particular target audiences. They already had their social media management platform, so they were looking for an API to further empower their system.

The team at Warbble recognised that in order to grow their customer base they needed to have a system that could generate tailored, relevant content that their customers could distribute. Warbble’s social media management platform already had a content scheduler functionality which they wanted to expand its functionality and take it to the next level.

Warbble Solution

How 3D Issue Helped Warbble achieve their goal

3D Issue worked closely with the Head of Technology and Head of Operations to integrate content hubs into their existing social media management platform.

hubs at Warbble searches for the latest, relevant news and content directly associated with the interests of customer’s audience, enabling the customer to deliver this content through their chosen social media accounts. This automation enables their customers to focus on other revenue generating areas of the business.

Emmett Gallagher, Head of Operations said:

“The team and the support structure at 3D Issue is second to none. Any issues we raised regarding integration were dealt with immediately allowing us to go to market with our offering faster. As we continue to grow the business we see content hubs as being central to our offering.”

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The content hubs API at Warbble has allowed them to serve their clients better by giving them up to date, specific content which removes clutter and headache for clients.

“Our customers love the fact that they do not have to search for content, it is presented to them in an easy to view format where they can go ahead and reject or schedule the content as they see fit.” says Emmett Gallagher. “We have new customers who choose Warbble based on the benefits of the content hubs API – what more needs to be said!, We are very Happy!”