The Company

Found in 2001 in Sydney Australia, sMedia develop a diverse range of products and services for some of the leading international news and media brands. Clients include News Corp, the Daily Mail, Financial Review, MediaWeek and the community newspaper group.


The Problem

In their search for a digital solution, sMedia had several key requirements:

· They were creating a service for international renowned news and media organisations so they needed a platform that they could not only host themselves but also ‘white label’ in order to protect the integrity of the clients brand.

· They needed a platform that was mobile centric. All digital platforms that they seen on the market offered mobile editions that were below the standard of the desktop editions. As the vast majority of their audience are mobile first. They needed a platform whose mobile editions surpassed or at least matched the desktop experience

· As they had multiple staff working on multiple clients they needed a platform that would allow collaboration between team members.

· Finally they needed a platform that enable their clients to easily publish their content to native mobile apps where the content within the apps could be updated in real time without having to republish the app each time


The Solution

Having extensively researched the market they found 3D Issue to be the only solution that matched their needs. “3D Issue understands that a mobile readers device has limited processing and memory power to that of a desktop. So forcing them to use the same files or publication leads to a weaker experience for the mobile reader.

What makes 3D Issue unique is that it creates 2 versions of each digital edition, one for desktop readers and a unique mobile-centric editions specifically for the mobile audience. This ensures that the mobile experience surpasses that of the desktop edition” says Paul.

“sMedia is a mobile first company and the mobile audience experience is paramount. 3D Issue’s solution stands apart from any other platform on the market. It allows clients to manage multiple clients from a single platform, even assign different accounts to different employees. All of our digital editions can also be easily packaged into a single app and published to the app store under the clients account.”

3D Issue also provides its partners with a fully white labelled solution that enabled sMedia to easily absorb this digital magazine solution into their existing product services workflow.