Cross Platform Mobile App Development with 3D Issue

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cross-platform-mobile-app-developmentWe at 3D Issue are extremely excited about app creation, our developers are evolving new ways to support cross-platform mobile apps even more seamlessly and at top technology and industry standards.

Being the best and having the latest features is something that is embedded in our company policy. Our customers have come to expect this level of expertise from us and we don’t disappoint.

We take time to get to know our ...

Step by Step Guide in How to Create Digital Brochures!

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step-by-step-guide-in-how-to-create-digital-brochuresIn today’s blog, I am going to chat about some basic information that will introduce you to the benefits of creating an e-brochure and tips on the easiest ways to get started.

The benefits of having a digital brochure include:

Cost-effectiveness: Save revenue with digital over costly printing and postal charges.

Effective marketing tool: As everyone is online, creating a brochure they can access from their most used ...

Magazine Layout Software Must Haves

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magazine-layout-software-must-havesIf you are considering investing in a magazine layout software platform to enable you to cut costs and publish your digital magazines in-house, this list of platform must haves provides a check list to mark off whilst researching solutions.

1. Analytics Tracking
The ability to measure the performance of your digital magazine is the first essential feature you’ll need your software to accommodate. Here is some ...

Produce Much Sought After Real-Time Content

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real-time-contentGrow your readership by offering content unique to your audience. Real-time content is highly regarded in the publishing world as the articles and conversations are live or just published. Breaking news now has the power to be with your viewers as it happens.

Content that matters to your audience
Content marketers are especially excited by this form of media communication. Creation of content that gets neatly packaged with a marketing tool can ...

The Future of Social Media Marketing Looks Bright!

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future-of-social-media-marketingUndeniably the future looks bright for social media marketing. More and more marketing tools are now integrating your social activity so your content looks current and full of the newest shares you have made. Yes, all the posts, photos, tweets and images you put so much time into formulating can now gain an even greater exposure. All the time and effort you and your digital ...

Use Magazine Maker Software to Create Online Editions

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magazine-makerMany publishers over the recent years have been abandoning production of their print publications and moving to online or digital magazines instead. The revenue being yielded with this transition is proving favorable. Publishers, readers, audiences and advertisers are happy to embrace new technology and now with the big uptake in mobile and tablet reading magazines are finding they are gaining much wider audiences on these ...

In-App Advertising to Appeal to an Always Connected Consumer

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in-app-advertisingYour app customers are accustomed to in-app advertising and for the most part not opposed looking at ads. Many believe that the rise of apps especially among mobile users have ushered in a new era of more engaging advertising.

App creation with 3D Issue allows you to insert advertisements within your app’s content.

Advertising within your apps is a good way to increase revenue: There are constantly new trends ...

Know the Best Desktop Publishing Software for You

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best-desktop-publishing-softwareWe receive enthusiastic emails and phone calls daily asking us the various capabilities of our desktop publishing software. We are proud to be able to meet almost all of the expectations that our publishing customers have. We have developed the software over the years to suit technology advances and our customers’ changing needs.

A typical question from a customer: I’m looking to convert a monthly publication, ...

App Discovery Made Simple With App Indexing

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app-discoveryApp indexing can help drive discovery of your app and improve user engagement.

Google’s has made changes to its mobile search on Androids to return app results and web results based on the search query. Apps that feature content most relevant to the initial search will appear. This is a major breakthrough for many mobile app developers that found it difficult to get their apps discovered.

With the global embracing of mobile ...

What is Automation? How is it Used in Digital Marketing?

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what-is-automationAutomation can relieve a lot of pressure from the typical office working day. Tasks can be automated through the use of software tools. Many repetitive tasks now can be taken care of by technological means freeing up your time for more advantageous responsibilities.

Wikipedia states: “The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, however, it is also used to save energy and materials ...

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