Easy Social Media Marketing Strategies for Self-Publishers

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Social-media-marketing-self-publishingThe self-publisher can take one of many positions within the publishing market. The scope to market through social media is getting exciting with new marketing tools such auto updating Content Hubs.

Self Publishing can range from the small to the very large. EL James the enigmatic author of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” recently saw unprecedented success with the popularity of her book. ...

The Advantages of Custom Mobile App Development

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custom-mobile-app-developmentIt pays to create your own company, customized mobile apps. Significant opportunity lies in the use of mobile connectivity as it makes tasks easier and saves valuable time in a working day.

According to a recent survey by CDW, businesses are using custom mobile apps to help in daily operations and procedures like; communications, sales support, data access, service support, productivity, business process, presentation, and collaboration.

Custom apps produce fantastic value for ...

How to Create a Magazine for Global Consumption

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how-to-create-a-magazineIn today’s blog we will list and describe some useful insights into how you would go about creating a magazine with today’s print and digital technology in mind.

Size: Decide on your size, for newsstands pick a standard measurement. If your magazine is landscape in shape it may not be tall enough to be seen in the mix of various magazines.

Contents: Gather together your articles, images, ...

3D Issue 7.2 New Exciting Features Await for You to Try!

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3dissue-version-7After months of dedicated hard work, I’m glad to say that version 7.2 is finally here. Here at 3D Issue, we have always strived to offer high quality reliable software that would allow our users to create professional looking digital publications with almost no effort, but v7.2 goes above and beyond.

We have introduced a number of improvements and enhancements to existing features such ...

Yield the Many Advantages of Blogging Today

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advantages-of-bloggingThe advantages of regularly blogging have never been so tangible.

The blogs you write can not only gain your site more unique visits and leads, but now the blogs through their RSS feeds can be produced into other effective forms of content marketing. Content Hubs and mobile apps are the new concepts I am referring to.

Use your blogs in creative, innovative ways that relate ...

Generating Digital Business Through Content

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digital-businessAll businesses are taking advantage of the online marketplace as it increases company awareness, strengthens brands, reaches wider audiences, produces higher revenue streams and most importantly grows business.

What’s not to love?

Well, it takes a bit of work to keep your site fresh and ranking well in search engines. It may come as no surprise to you that the best method of achieving this ...

How to Promote Your App Organically

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how-to-promote-your-appIn today’s blog we will introduce you to a few valuable insights that can organically help you in the promotion of your app.

Having an app will help you get found in search. Yes, it is true Google has recently altered its ranking algorithm for mobile searches to correlate with apps that are installed on mobile phones. Business brands with android apps will benefit as they will be ranked higher in search. ...

Publish Effective Adaptive Content to All Device Types

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adaptive-contentIs the content you create adaptive to all screen sizes, device types, modes of online marketing and circulation?

Imagine being able to showcase all types of content across all types of channels… Sounds good and the fantastic news is that it is possible.

Using a digital marketing tool like 3D Issue Hubs can aggregate all your online content into a single source. This can ...

How to Market your Business Using Apps

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how-to-market-your-businessDigital marketers listen up! Today’s blog offers some valuable insights into the marketing of your business via apps on your mobile devices.

Time to maximize your ad revenue

Google AdWords android app: News that Google Adwords launched a free app this month will delight Android users. Hopefully the iOS version will also follow suit soon. This app will allow digital marketers to monitor their campaign stats, budgets, update bids, receive real-time notifications and ...

Vast Digital Distribution with Mobile Platforms

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Mobile-platformsDigital media marketers are creating adaptive content for mobile platforms as the potential to reach all time levels of distribution are prevalent there.

The main reasons this works well is that mobile distribution is convenient, easier, more direct, faster and more cost effective than printing and posting.

According to Marketing Land mobile platforms drive 66 percent of email opens. Customer device preference continues to move ...

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