How To Market Your App On A Budget

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How to market your appAssuming you’ve already made the perfect app that’s both useful and engaging, we’ll try to focus on how to market your app while managing to control expenditures and keep them to a minimum.

First of all, you need to understand how competitive the mobile app market is. According to Apple, developers are submitting more than 1000 apps per day to their online app store. In total, there ...

5 Creative digital magazine Super Bowl commercials

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Super Bowl CommercialsSuper Bowl commercials can be some of the most creative ones in the advertising industry year in and year out. Back in 1984 Apple used it to promote its Macintosh computer and what true sports fan doesn’t remember “The Showdown” between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in McDonald’s advert for the Super Bowl XXVII in 1993.

This year’s Super Bowl is just around the corner and we can ...

The Effectiveness Of Animated Banners In Digital Publications

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Animated bannersLast week we discussed some of the most creative revenue streams your digital magazine can provide. Now it’s time to see how one of the most used promotional tools out there can increase the effectiveness of your digital publication so it results in a higher sales conversion rate and proves to be a significant revenue stream on its own.

Animated banners are a huge part of the display advertising industry for ...

Include Videos In Your Digital Catalogs To Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

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Sales conversion rateVisit your local barber and pick up one of the magazines he scattered on the table in the waiting section. You’ll probably discover it’s all about the latest industry trends and that it offers a wide range of tips and tricks you can use immediately. You may even get a free shampoo sample or two.

What you can learn from print magazines in the beauty industry is that they provide a ...

The Benefits Of Using A News Aggregator Software

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News aggregatorThe Internet has evolved in the past couple of decades mainly because it fulfilled, among everything else, one of the core needs of humanity – getting informed about the state of the world during every second of the day.

Not that many people expected the power of digital publishing to go that far in such a short time span. Imagine yourself living in a world without Internet. Would you be able to ...

Why You Should Offer A Magazine Library App To Your Audience

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Magazine library appThe usage of magazine library app publishing systems is becoming a major part of the digital world. One of the main reasons why this is happening is the fact that people prefer using their mobile devices as a go to choice when it comes to news and article reading.

Another factor you need to take into consideration is the development of the mobile hardware landscape where tablets and cell phones are ...

Online vs Print- why you should go Digital

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Online vs PrintIn today`s business world, the name of the game is staying relevant. This may not be easy given the ever-changing nature of a market that is more and more competitive every day.

Thankfully, you just need to choose the right tools to make your brand shine.

Today we are talking online vs print, why digital is the way to go when it comes to staying relevant and ahead of your ...

5 Creative Revenue Stream Ideas Your Digital Magazine Can Achieve

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Digital Magazine Revenue Digital magazine publishing can create revenue opportunities without the need to solely rely on the usual online advertising strategies.

Advertisers are aware of the fact that at least one third of their display ads are not seen by the average visitor. Banner ads appear below the fold and can be removed by ad blockers. They may not even load before the visitor leaves the page.

That’s why the digital magazine ...

5 keys to an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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content-marketing-strategyIn recent years, most companies have realised the need for an effective content marketing strategy and the impact it has on their brand’s image. This has resulted in a larger number of companies investing more to achieve their marketing objectives.

Despite the growing awareness, most content marketing campaigns still fail to achieve their goals.


Find out the 5 essential keys to an effective content marketing strategy for any business organization below:

1.Identify ...

What to look for in an App builder for a News Website

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News appAlthough Apps are built for almost every type of business, a News site often requires more complex options due to the frequency of new content along with multiple categories and types of news. So if you are looking to create a news app for your News website, what are some key areas you should look for?

1) Auto Updating
News have to be up to date, otherwise readers go elsewhere. Ensure that ...

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