All set for 2020 when Adobe will end-of-life Flash?

It’s more than 2 years since the official announcement was made that, from 2020, Adobe Flash will be supported no more. Time has a habit of marching on, though. And if you’re still using an older version of 3D Issue’s Flipbooks, there will be an impact for you as your Flash-based magazines will cease to run. As a result, we will no longer be able to offer support for Versions 7.3 and older so, if you are using an old version of Flipbooks, you will need to modernise your publications to ensure that they are still accessible by your audience.

An Early Response from 3D Issue

Understanding that the end of Flash was nigh – and that the entire digital magazine market used it as the primary display format – we were quick to act. More than four years ago, we launched 3D Issue’s Flipbooks Desktop Version 8: a totally Flash-free digital publishing solution. At the time, Version 8 was the only tool on the market to offer the same, rich digital magazine experience in HTML5.

With Version 8:

  • Plugins aren’t needed as HTML5 is native to the browser
    • Publications load faster and can run on any platform/device
    • Animations are smoother and more lightweight
    • Security is improved
  • The risks associated with Flash are eliminated
    • Text remains sharp and not pixelated

These features – and many, many more – are included in the recently-launched Version 10, too.

Two Great Flipbooks Options for 2020

  1. Looking for an easy switch?
    Upgrade today to the latest version of our Flipbooks Desktop software and leapfrog years of feature releases and enhancements. Click here to discover more about 3D Issue’s Flipbooks Desktop Version 10 or chat to our sales team.
  2. Looking to move on from Flipbooks Desktop?
    Flipbooks Online could be the option for you. Our web-based service has several advantages over the desktop version. It’s speedy, allowing you to publish digital content in a tenth of the time. And, because it’s hosted on our cloud servers, you can work and collaborate with Flipbooks Online from anywhere.

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