What’s New in Version 7

Version 7 brings some significant enhancements to the 3D Issue publishing platform. The features below enable you to create the best possible digital editions, broaden your reach and delight your readers!

Hot Folder

Drag and drop a PDF into a specified location on your desktop,
3D Issue then auto creates this PDF into a 3D Issue, saving you time!

hot folder

Cloud Hosting

Don’t have the resources to host your own 3D Issues?
Don’t worry, with V7 you can upload your publications to our cloud service.

cloud publishing

Reader Analytics

V7 launches our very own digital edition stats portal! You can analyze the performance of your 3D Issues easily to determine what works best!

custom readers stats

content hubs

Create a responsive digital magazine to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS feeds, websites and more. A unique marketing hub for your readers!