I want to add a menu structure to my Hub

This can be achieved within the Add Content to your hub screen.

Within our default NewsWall template, there are two types of menu structures.
You can add a simple section menu format or you can add sub sections also.
The link below will show you the difference between the two:
Sections vs Sub Sections

You will see that the first two links at the top (Newsroom & We are eBay) link directly to another page. These are what we refer to as Sections.

However, if you click on the third option, titled More, you will see a drop down menu will appear. The options within that drop down menu are what we refer to as Sub Sections.

To add a section to your hub, click on the blue arrow button next to the word Menu.
If you would like to add a sub section, click on one of the sections you added and you will see dark grey plus icon.

If you click on that icon, it will add a sub section to your standard section.

Sections and Sub Sections can have their order arranged by clicking on the “grippy” icon (dots icons) located at the left-hand side of each Section/Sub Section.

Updated on October 1, 2018

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