The videos I add are not playing

There are a few common problems that cause video not to play. These are the most common causes of video playback issues:

The video codec

Web browsers are temperamental when playing videos. Often a video will play fine on your computer but play in a web browser that supports that format. It all comes down to how the video was made. The most ideal video format possible, to support as many browsers are devices as possible is MP4 video files, using H.264 encoding and AAC audio. MOV files are not recommended as they have incredibly poor support in devices and unreliable encoding.

Video size

As silly as it sounds, if your video is too big the problem may simply be that it is downloading fully before playing and is so large that its take a long time to download. Keeping the size down should help with that.

Server MIME types

A problem we have started encountering more and more in recent months are servers that do not have MIME types configured for different video formats. The problem mostly occurs with IIS servers and MP4 files. If you have your server admin check that the server is configured for videos you can rule this out.

Video bitrate

We would recommend keeping your video file’s total bitrate as low as possible to keep the file size down and also accommodate end users with slower download speeds. 1500-2500Kpbs video bitrate should be fine for most users.

If you feel you’ve tried each of these to no avail, then contact us at and please include the video file or a link to the publication online to ensure a quick resolution.

Updated on October 2, 2018

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