How to add a table of contents to your Flipbook

The table of contents is an option that appears in the features panel.

When adding a Table of Contents feature, access the editor and then go to the Appearance tab on the right hand side panel and select T.O.C.


If your PDF already has a table of contents embedded our system will detect it and populate the T.O.C automatically.

The Table of contents editor has a number of controls;

  • Listing Window – The right hand pane. This will display the items from your table of contents as they are added. It also allows you to edit existing items and move them within the Contents structure.
    Each item will include a title and Page Link or web link.
  • On left hand side of the TOC editor, you will see all the options you will need to create your table of contents.
    • Add Root Item
      A root item is a top level option in the TOC. Regardless of what item is selecting the listing window this item will always be added at the topmost level.
    • Add Sub Item
      This will add a sub item to the currently selected item in the Listing window.
    • Add Item
      This will add a new item next to the currently selected item in the listing window.
    • Delete
      Removes the currently selected item and any sub items it may have.
    • Arrows
      The arrows allow moving the currently selected item through the tree of items.

Selecting OK will save any changes you make.

Updated on October 3, 2018

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