Customising Flipbook appearance

Customising Flipbook appearance

Flipbooks are generated with a default style however this is very simple to change and update. If you have just uploaded your PDF click Edit Flipbook or if you have gone back to the Dashboard, simply click the Edit button next to your Flipbook.

From the editor you can add your own logo, background and color scheme to suit your company’s branding. Below are the available options.

Appearance Panel

The appearance panel is where most of your visual settings will appear. Its accessible from the right panel in the editor.


Learn about adding Background Color and Images to Flipbooks in 3D Issue Flipbooks Online

You can customise the background of your Flipbook with a background image or background color. You can do this via the Appearance panel.
Simply select the “…” button beside background to choose your background.


Learn about customising the Preloader or "Splash logo" in Flipbooks Online

The preloader options allow you to customise the loading screen or splash page of your magazine. The preloader has several options;

Progress bar color

This is the color of the preloader progress bar. This provides some visual feedback to your reader as the Flipbook loads. You should pick a color that contrasts with your chosen background image.

A link to be added to the Preloader image.

Width & Height

The dimensions you wish to show the preloader image at.


The image to show above the preloader progress bar. This is usually a company logo or some other form of branding.


This is an image (with optional link) that appears next to the cover page of your Flipbook. Its normally used to provide some form of information such as instructions, sponsor info or even just an advert.

To add your own custom version, simple select custom from the drop down list and the options window will appear where you can add the new intro graphic,  adjust the width and height and add a URL link.

You can also disable the intro display by selecting Disable from the dropdown list.


Learn about the themes available in Flipbooks Online

The theme option allows you to choose the style of the popups that appear in your digital edition.  There are 2 settings available for the popups.  Light and Dark.

T.O.C (Table of contents)

This can normally be detected from PDFs created with a table of contents. If your PDF did not have a T.O.C  you can add and modify one from here.

You can learn more about creating a table of contents here.

PDF Table of Contents

When we talk about an embedded table of contents in a PDF, we are referring to an embedded version that is displayed via your PDF reader and not displayed on a page within the PDF.

Auto Flip Timer

This allows your Flipbook to automatically turn pages every few seconds. The time is customisable in the box to the right.
Useful for digital displays, presentations etc.

Spine Shading

Learn about the shadow and shading options available in Flipbooks Online

This feature adds that real life feel to the experience of reading a magazine or book. By default this is set to 7% but this can be altered or disabled depending on your preference.

Drop shadows

Activating this feature will add a drop shadow around the edge of the Flipbook pages. This makes pages appear as though they are elevated above the background image.

Show hotspot locations

Enabling this option will temporarily highlight all the hotspots on a page when it first appears. The highlight color is the color selected for each hotspot.
This feature is useful for displaying were some unknown or unseen buttons may be on your pages.

Updated on January 25, 2019

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